Question / Help Unable to change video adapter (encoding video card) In Streamlabs OBS - AMD H264 Encoder


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I have two video cards installed in my system, an R9 Fury and an Rx 560, and would like to use the Rx 560 for encoding. Choosing the AMD H264 encoder, an option appears to choose the Video Adapter. In the standard OBS Studio, the drop-down includes both of my video cards and I am able to choose which one I want. In Streamlabs OBS, however, the drop-down is empty, and I am unable to choose my desired encoding card. I would very much like to find a solution to this problem, as I enjoy the widget integration and ecosystem of Streamlabs OBS, as well as the integration of certain Streamlabs sources within the application. Any help is appreciated.


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This forum here is for OBS-Studio
not for Streamlabs
Because OBS-Studio and Streamlabs can be different so something can work in OBS-Studio but not in Streamlabs
If you have problems or need help with Streamlabs
I'd ask you to use their support.