1. D

    Is it possible to switch scenes and have a function?

    Hi my name is Desty and I'm working on fixing up my OBS scenes with the help of MixItUp and I've ran into a sort of bottle neck. What I'm trying to accomplish is having two fully function and separate randomizer wheels, made through StreamLabs, that can be triggered through Twitch Channel Point...
  2. Toasty5000

    OBS Ver 28.1.2 Alert Box Widget Not Working In Streamlabs Bot

    Hello! I have an issue on OBS ver 28.1.2 for streamlabs alert box not showing up. I have deleted and re-added in but the strange thing is it works in the browser but on OBS. Is there a solution that I fix in my settings? More information in the video:
  3. B

    Audio, how many encoders?

    Hi. Got this audio chain using Streamlabs. Ipod using music in MP3 format to Streamlabs to Youtube. How mant lossy encoders do the audio stream go thru? Obvious the source playing MP3 format, but does Streamlabs encode before Youtube? Does Youtube also encode the audio on a live stream? Worst...
  4. Snyper X

    Alerts have a black background.

    I am posting here as I have been unable to find any video help on the issue I am having. The image above is a screenshot of my OBS 28.0.2 with my browser source alert ( I use StreamLabs Dashboard) active. I rendered the file out as a .mov from After Effects, I then went to (a...
  5. A

    Streamlabs alerts default in obs

    For some reason when I customize my alerts in streamlabs (desktop) such as the audio and test the follow on streamlabs, the audio plays fine onto my obs. However, when I open the "Events" tab on obs and test a follow from there, the audio is back to the default following audio. It also plays the...
  6. Kruiser8

    Free Kruiz Control v1.6.2

    Kruiz Control Tutorial | Download | Documentation | Settings @Kruiser8 | Patreon | Support Discord Kruiz Control enables a pseudo code approach to manage and automatically handle Twitch Channel Points, Twitch Chat, OBS or Streamlabs Desktop, and StreamElements or Streamlabs alerts. Usage All...
  7. L

    Streamlabs Massive FPS drop

    Hey everyone, so, I've been streaming valorant on twitch with streamlabs obs for a while now and it's been painful. My setup is not the best, but I usually get 150 to 200 fps in game, simply opening streamlabs OBS tanks to 100, intense situations even worse, 60. I have a rig with GTX 1050 TI...
  8. D

    "Go Live" Plugin for OBS

    Hi There! Im in the process of making the move to OBS from Streamlabs, and I was just wondering if there was a plugin for OBS that had a similar or near identical function of Streamlabs' "go live" feature, where you can setup the stream title, description, and thumbnail in the actual app (I...
  9. L

    How to solve problem with vst plugins in streamlabs OBS?

    Vst plugins won't open in streamlabs. Through normal OBS, all plugins open well. Is there any workaround to solve this problem?
  10. M

    Crash when activating a browser source

    This is a fairly new crash - I have been using this browser source for quite some time and it only recently started crashing OBS. It happens whether I am streaming or not. OBS is running as admin The source is the Streamlabs "Wheel" widget ( Log and crash...
  11. T

    OBS (specifically Streamlabs OBS) not recording separate audio tracks LOOKED FOR HELP FROM LITERALLY EVERYONE but no one has my problem.

    I've gone through the steps. I've gone to Settings-Output-Advanced-Recording-Audio Track 1, 2, and 3-Mixer Settings-Set Desktop to 1 and 2 and Mic to 1 and 3. Nothing seems to work. When I recorded before these changes it was one track with the picture but after I did this, it records my mic...
  12. MisutaaAsriel

    mintChip for OBS 1.0.3

    An Streamlabs inspired OBS theme, with spacious views and minty fresh exterior! Spacious widgets, for ease of use and visibility Large controls for easy interaction Target Audio Colorscheme— Volume Mixer uses colors which more accurately represent the desired audio range in streaming...
  13. N

    Lower stream bitrate/quality after switching?

    Hi there! I recently switched from StreamLabs OBS to OBS Studio and I noticed for whatever reason my stream quality is a lot worse after switching. I adjusted all my settings so they’re the same as StreamLabs, but for whatever reason my streams are still fuzzy. Any help would be greatly...
  14. K

    stream crashes but SLOBS doesn't crash

    Been encountering a problem recently where my stream will randomly go offline on twitch. Streamlabs still says I am streaming, changing scenes does nothing and I'm forced to close and re-open SLOBS, and go live again. Happened 4 times today when streaming a dolphin tourney, 4 logs attached.
  15. M

    Streaming with AverMedia EZMaker 7 on Streamlabs OBS issues?

    Hi! I recently got the Avermedia EZMaker 7 so I can play Wii (No, not Wii U, and the reason why is cuz the games I want to play were not transported to Wii U) games. However I have run across some issues. First off, I was unable to get Streamlabs to recognize Avermedia until I downloaded the...
  16. L

    Cant get audio bars to move for HD60s+ in streamlabs

    Hey all, im new here, mainly because im losing my mind over this stuff and I have no where else to turn. Long story short, my last El Gato HD60s broke by falling and busting apart. I bought a new one (upgraded to HD60s+) and connected it the same was as my last device was. HDMIs are in...
  17. U

    Advanced Settings Not Working

    Okay before anything, I need to say these three things. 1. All my drivers are up to date, I checked around 3 times. 2. Simple mode WORKS, but as soon as I change it to Advanced settings... it won't work. 3. I have a GPU 0 NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030 Driver version:
  18. J

    Normal fps in game, but non existent fps while streaming on twitch. pls help :(

    I'm using SLOBS to stream on twitch. I mainly stream Tekken 7 1080p 60fps with no problem. Last night I decided to stream Horizon : Zero Dawn. Gameplay was no problem averaging over 50 fps, I have a second monitor for the stream preview but it was bit choppy. And then one of my viewers said that...
  19. L

    I want to play music on stream but not on the recording

    I'm trying to use Voicemeeter Banana, but I'm having trouble just having my music app run through Voicemeeter and then have it play in the stream but not the recording. Can you help?
  20. R

    StreamlabsOBS garbage FPS on a very good PC

    i9-9900k RTX 2080S 32Gb RAM all other components are on par. 2x 1440p monitors My Streamlabs OBS barely maintains 30FPS of recording/stream for some reason and it works worse with NVENC, then with x264. During x264 encoding CPU is under 50% load in Task Manager. OBS shows that it loads CPU...