Lagging frames due to rendering lag and stalls when playing Rainbow Six Siege using Streamlabs OBS

Whenever I'm trying to us Streamlabs OBS record Rainbow Six Siege content with my friends, my recordings for it are constantly skipping/dropping/lagging frames or whatever this issue is. This has been an on and off issue for years where I solve it, then it comes back, and I can never seem to tell what is the issue. I had this same issue with regular OBS, which is what caused me to switch to streamlabs to fix it for a little bit.
I don't believe it's my hardware, as it ranges from good to great, and I'm finally ready to just have someone else help me with it.
I'll provide my computer specs, a log of my most recent recording with all my usual settings, and a video of the recording as an example.

Here's an example of the video issue (I seem to only have this issue with siege. I've recorded various other games and had no such issues.):

Open to all suggestions, thank you for your time.


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