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Kruiz Control enables a pseudo code approach to manage and automatically handle Twitch Channel Points, Twitch Chat, OBS or Streamlabs Desktop, and StreamElements or Streamlabs alerts.


All information can be found on the project's GitHub. The script is added as a browser source to OBS. No additional applications or online servers are required.


Kruiz Control supports
  • Twitch Channel Points, Chat, and Hype Trains
  • StreamElements and Streamlabs Alerts
  • OBS scene, source, and filter changes
  • Streamlabs Desktop scene and source changes
  • Sending Discord messages
  • Playing music (mp3, wav, ogg)
  • Timers (triggering on an interval)
  • Sending API calls
and more in the documentation! SE.Live is also supported.

Setup Guide​

- If on an OBS version lower than v28, install the OBS Websocket Plugin (version 5.0.0 or above). Reopen OBS after installing.
- Fill out the settings files in the settings folder.
- Add the index.html to OBS as a browser source.
- Type !example in your twitch chat. If your user responds with "Success! It worked!", you're good to go!
- Customize the triggers.txt with your own triggers from the the documentation.

Pseudo Code Format​

For information on the pseudo code format, please see the documentation.

Here's are two example events. The first plays a sound effect when a twitch channel point is redeemed. The second toggles a source in OBS when a command is typed into chat.
OnChannelPoint SHIKAKA
Play 30 wait "Shikaka.mp3"

OnCommand sbvm 0 !intervention
OBS SceneSource Intervention alert on
Delay 4
OBS SceneSource Intervention alert off

Support the Project​

There are a number of ways to support this project.
Please reach out if you have a specific feature request.
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