1. deverin

    OBS crashes when discord is working (stream to youtube with 300s delay)

    Stumbled upon a problem after recent update of windows (only change that happened in the system, before problem accured) I tried it multiple times, attaching 2 obs-crash logs. Could someone help me, to make sense out of them?
  2. lobsterey

    Discord bug with OBS

    Hi, I recently did a fresh uninstall of my OS everything worked perfectly before. Now, whenever I open discord up my video for OBS freezes. OBS works fine for playing my Switch when Discord is not open. Currently, I am trying to play my Switch from OBS while I sit in discord and talk with...
  3. bramirez37

    MacBook Pro 2015 Retina not enough

    Hey guys so I have a streaming ambition: I would love to stream Roll20 game (a browser token based movement) with video and chat from different users. I tried using roll20 chrome browser and discord but the resources used seemed to be too much and get everything crashing. I want to find a...
  4. Eddisch

    discord virtual cam not working

    hello I try to use the virtual cam in discord but it just shows that the cam loads what can I do
  5. Kenshin9977

    Free Discord Overlay v1.00

    A DirectX 11 window for Windows to host Discord's Overlay in order to capture and display it with OBS. Based on the idea of Discord Overlay Host I made an updated version as it wasn't updated in 5 years and accumulated a lot of issues. Setup Run the .exe Within Discord go to user settings ►...
  6. W

    Discord audio intermittently echoing on stream

    Hello, I have an issue with my Discord audio intermittently/randomly echoing on stream. It's not my mic picking it up. It does not echo through my speakers, only on the stream. I have my game audio on the same source, and that does not echo on stream. It seems to do it pretty randomly, but I...
  7. Bułka

    OBS stream on Discord

    Hi, I have been wondering about one thing lately. Could I add Discord as a stream in OBS? I would like to stream on my Discord server but I would like to do it... more edited as if it were e.g. on Twitch. Can anyone help? Is it impossible to connect to the stream? Do you understand what I mean...
  8. B

    Trying to share live desktop audio from OBS to Discord DM

    I've recently gotten OBS so do forgive me if it's rather simple problem. I'm trying to share OBS audio and screen into discord (because discord screen share is very laggy and pixelated while OBS is rather smooth and clear visually) via DM, so my friend can experience a game with me. So far I was...
  9. D

    Why my OBS make discord voice chat bugged without stereo and lowered sound?

    I have this problem too... Every time I have opened discord, a game(any), and OBS at the same time, the stereo of the discord voice chat (friends in chat voice) was missing or bugged and turns into a low and blurry voice/audio without stereo. And it seems to be very annoying to always ALT+TAB...
  10. H

    Record only game audio like Discord during streaming

    In Discord while streaming a game you can only hear the game audio and nothing else. So there is a way to separate the game audio without needing other tools like Voicemeeter or virtual audio cables. It would be awesome if OBS had the feature to only stream the audio of a specific game because...
  11. G

    Using the Virtual Camera makes programs like Discord crash

    I use a laptop with Windows 8.1 (64bit). I open OBS Studio 26.1 and I start the virtual camera. After that, I open the Discord program (73806). Then, I go to the server, I select a voice channel, activate my webcam, and select OBS Virtual Camera. When I do that, Discord crashes (the whole window...
  12. V

    Basic OBS queston regarding Audio

    Hello everyone, I just started using OBS some days ago to remote-play card games with a friend and use a second videostream with a greenscreen to show cards as an overlay over my other videostream with the board. I am using a 1080p webcam for the board and my iphone via Epoccam for the...
  13. D

    Low Res Discord Video When Sourced Into OBS

    Hi guys. Thanks in advance for your sage advice. I am pulling in Discord video as a source, then creating 3 additional [window capture] sources (copied from the original and pasted as reference) to capture my friends. My webcam is set as a separate source. Does anyone know why the Discord video...
  14. S

    Discord sound of my Friends is to quiet

    Hello, when im streaming Call of Duty: Warzone i have to reduce the volume of my desktop audio to -12db so the gamesound isn't to loud in my stream, but when i do that my friends in discord are also quieter so you cant really understand what they say. If anyone knows what the best solution is...
  15. P

    Recording discord call issues

    Hello there! So I'll just get straight to the point, I am able to record my discord audio (like the other person talking) perfectly fine, but it doesn't record my audio/me talking, I'm assuming this is because both discord and obs are trying to capture my audio at the same time but I don't know...
  16. P

    Recording discord calls

    Hello there! So I'll just get straight to the point, I am able to record my discord audio (like the other person talking) perfectly fine, but it doesn't record my audio/me talking, I'm assuming this is because both discord and obs are trying to capture my audio at the same time but I don't know...
  17. Q

    How to route game audio into Discord when using OBS as a webcam?

    I am currently using headphones with a modmic through a soundcard and speakers through on board audio to keep my discord and gameplay audio separate. I'll try to keep this relatively short, but considering the issue I am facing I don't know if that is possible. I have been trying to fix up OBS...
  18. D

    Regarding the OBS Studio Discord

    Hey guys, I tried posting on the subreddit, but it was deleted. Sometime back in March/April of this year, I ended up getting kicked out of the OBS Studio Discord. I was struggling with depression, anxiety (still am) but also the combination of the Covid-19 and just dealing with a lot at the...
  19. N

    Is there a way to have discord and obs in one window?

    I was wondering if there was a setting or a plugin for obs to put your discord in the same window as your chat, media requests, etc. If anyone would help me out with this, it would be very appreciated. Thanks.
  20. H

    How can i make this effect?

    Honestly i have no idea how to title this nor how to search it, sorry for that The thing is, long time ago i watched a streamer on youtube playing with some friends the streamer put some png as her "friends avatar for the stream" that lighted up every time they talked This is The stream Does...