1. Carlfortune

    Discord Sound Issue

    Hello, buddies. Which way are you? I'm a new member of this forum, and this is also my first post. Guys, I've recently been having a problem with Discord. There is no other sound coming from my machine in Discord. I've made efforts to repair the problem, but to no avail. Regarding this, I have...
  2. D

    How to Hear/Pickup Discord audio?

    Good Afternoon, The primary issue I seem to be running into is making sure that those in my discord chat are able to be heard when I'm recording/streaming. If OBS is closed, I can hear discord just like normal with my headset and use my headset mic. it's an arctis pro wireless, if that matters...
  3. R

    PC freezes while streaming/LOL/discord

    Hey Guys, I recently started having trouble while i'm streaming. As soon as my LOL is done my whole pc will freeze. It only happens when i stream so it must be OBS and Discord related. My entire PC will freeze and I can only use it again if i shut it down completely.
  4. C

    Is there a tool to stream games from a diffrent HDMI port?

    Hi, i would like to stream my gameplay from my ps 3 on my computer screen but i can't. I dosen't show the game in OBS and Discord in only show my desktop. So anyone knows how to fix that?
  5. K

    Discord shut down obs conecction

    Hi, i'm a mod of a streemer and he and some other more are having trubles with de conecction wile they are using discord. even the web ver does someone know what culd it be?
  6. DichterNebel

    Free Voice Channel Grabber

    If you are a streamer using OBS and Discord StreamKit Overlay and you are using different voice channels when streaming you will want this thing for synchronizing your OBS Browser Source automagically. Demo: Due to limitations of the used technology I am currently not able to publish this as...
  7. C

    Separate sound with 1 headset.

    Hey! I'm new to OBS and streaming and to keep it short I wonder: How do I make my stream pickup the sound from youtube & current game I'm playing, without the sound from discord? I've tried google, but I can't really seem to find the right answer. Is this even possible when you only have 1...
  8. G

    OBS and Discord

    I use obs primarily for just recording and whenever I record just gameplay along with my voice the footage comes out normal. however, when I stream the game I am playing on discord to my friends while recording it to capture their commentary, it seems to mess up the encoding and stays on...
  9. Jshmittyz

    A Breakpoint has been Reached?

    I Have been getting some really weird crashes in OBS/ Destiny 2 starting today I have my dump logs, and crash reports attached I can not find the issue if someone can help me that would be great. I also have the DMP dumps for obs but it is too big to post. It started today with discord crashing...
  10. N

    OBS Virtual Camera does not appear in other applications

    OBS Virtual Camera does not appear in other applications ... as the title says. It simply does not show up, even when I run OBS as administrator.
  11. jgygghbhjhf


    what i do if when im turning on my virtual camera plugin im getting BSoD how i can reinstall? how i can remove/change?? why my windows 7 computer is crashing??? i need re-install Windows 7????
  12. P

    Discord window capture issues (Window match priority not working)

    Hi, I'm currently trying to record discord through window capture, but whenever I switch channels in discord, the application name changes ([Discord.exe]: <channel-name> - Discord), and OBS cannot find the window if I restart OBS while in a different channel. The capture method is set to BitBit...
  13. deverin

    OBS crashes when discord is working (stream to youtube with 300s delay)

    Stumbled upon a problem after recent update of windows (only change that happened in the system, before problem accured) I tried it multiple times, attaching 2 obs-crash logs. Could someone help me, to make sense out of them?
  14. lobsterey

    Discord bug with OBS

    Hi, I recently did a fresh uninstall of my OS everything worked perfectly before. Now, whenever I open discord up my video for OBS freezes. OBS works fine for playing my Switch when Discord is not open. Currently, I am trying to play my Switch from OBS while I sit in discord and talk with...
  15. bramirez37

    MacBook Pro 2015 Retina not enough

    Hey guys so I have a streaming ambition: I would love to stream Roll20 game (a browser token based movement) with video and chat from different users. I tried using roll20 chrome browser and discord but the resources used seemed to be too much and get everything crashing. I want to find a...
  16. Eddisch

    discord virtual cam not working

    hello I try to use the virtual cam in discord but it just shows that the cam loads what can I do
  17. Kenshin9977

    Free Discord Overlay 1.0.1

    A DirectX 11 window for Windows to host Discord's Overlay in order to capture and display it with OBS. Based on the idea of Discord Overlay Host I made an updated version as it wasn't updated in 5 years and accumulated a lot of issues. Setup Run the .exe Within Discord go to user settings ►...
  18. W

    Discord audio intermittently echoing on stream

    Hello, I have an issue with my Discord audio intermittently/randomly echoing on stream. It's not my mic picking it up. It does not echo through my speakers, only on the stream. I have my game audio on the same source, and that does not echo on stream. It seems to do it pretty randomly, but I...
  19. Bułka

    OBS stream on Discord

    Hi, I have been wondering about one thing lately. Could I add Discord as a stream in OBS? I would like to stream on my Discord server but I would like to do it... more edited as if it were e.g. on Twitch. Can anyone help? Is it impossible to connect to the stream? Do you understand what I mean...
  20. B

    Trying to share live desktop audio from OBS to Discord DM

    I've recently gotten OBS so do forgive me if it's rather simple problem. I'm trying to share OBS audio and screen into discord (because discord screen share is very laggy and pixelated while OBS is rather smooth and clear visually) via DM, so my friend can experience a game with me. So far I was...