Audio Input Capture (Microphone) Randomly Drops When in a Discord Call


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Good Evening,

For the past two years I've been having streams where my microphone audio randomly cuts out mid sentence for about a second, every ten seconds or so, resulting in chat not understanding what I'm saying.

I've finally narrowed down that it appears to be happening only when I'm in a Discord Call. I have some confirmation that it is not just the microphone, people in the Discord Call say they hear me just fine, no audio drops for them. I went ahead and attached a log of yesterdays stream, where I streamed in a call for 99% of the time.

In the properties of the microphone, I have the box for "Allow applications to take exclusive control for this device" unchecked to ensure Discord isn't trying to wrestle control. I've also tried it with that on and the issue still occurs.

I've tried searching through Google and the forums for the past few months for something Discord related and couldn't find anything. Any ideas?


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Alright, got it fixed. Gonna post what it was incase anyone else has this issue and Googles it. Running OBS as administrator gave priveledge over Discord and I had no interruptions in my input audio.