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  1. 64-bit
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  1. Windows
An alternative virtual output plugin that connects OBS Studio with the DroidCam virtual camera drivers.
Note: This plugin is not connected to the DroidCam-OBS phone app, see the DroidCam Source plugin instead.

Key Differences

Existing virtualcam implementations use DirectShow, whereas DroidCam uses kernel drivers which closer simulate hardware. This approach is more complex but results in wider support for apps.

For audio: all apps/programs should detect the droidcam virtual audio (microphone) on your PC.
For video: all apps/programs should detect the droidcam camera, including Microsoft Store based apps such as the Windows Camera app, WhatsApp Desktop, and Skype Metro.

Important Notes

* You must install both the DroidCam Virtual Output plugin and the DroidCam virtual camera drivers. Separate digitally signed installers for both are available on the downloads page.

* This plugin is NOT compatible with the legacy DroidCam drivers that come with the current Windows Client ("DroidCam Source 3", "DroidCam Virtual Microphone"). The drivers have been updated and their interface has changed. The new drivers will create "DroidCam Audio" & "DroidCam Video" devices on your system (check Device Manager). The new drivers support up to 1080p60 video and 48kHz stereo audio.

* Output from OBS will get matched with the active resolution, fps, and sampling rate of the drivers (as set by 3rd party apps). For best performance your OBS settings should match the parameters of the 3rd party apps.

* Kernel drivers are inherently more complex, and bugs can trigger BSODs. These new drivers have been tested, but since this is an initial release some bugs may be lurking. I recommend testing everything thoroughly offline after installation, before using "live".

If a BSOD does happen -
a. Sorry :(
b. Please send the resulting dump file from "C:\Windows\Minidump" to for review.

This has been created as part of a new DroidCam PC client. Some OBS users may find the standalone plugin a useful virtualcam alternative, so it is being made available here on its own.


Windows' Camera app

OBS plugin toggle

OBS output inside Camera
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  1. 0.1.2

    * Added an auto-start toggle to the menu. * Fixed crashes when using less-typical video sizes...
  2. Initial Release

    Please read the description and test everything thoroughly after installation, before using this...