virtual camera

  1. ChoPraTs

    Performance issues with OBS Virtual Cam and Skype

    Hello. I have created several scenes in OBS to use its virtual camera during my online music lessons. Among them there are different sources as screen capturing, screenshot of a virtual piano keyboard, different webcam sources and combinations of all of these. But unfortunately, I can't use...
  2. J

    Organizational use of OBS

    Hello I'm a part of a non commercial organization, and we would like to use OBS, and specifically the virtual camera feature, for some of our meetings. We are not sure if we are allowed to use the free version of OBS, or we need a license to use OBS. Again, we are a non commercial organization...
  3. matsrom

    Virtual Cam not showing in any app

    Hi everyone! I just installed OBS (v27.2.4) and f virtual cam (v2.0.5) on a clean Windows 10 Pro installation. When I start the virtual webcam and I go to any other app like the windows camera, the virtual camera isn´t showing as an option (it shows an error because the actual cam is being used...
  4. R

    Semi-free schwercraft 1.0

    schwercraft is the first software to enrich all live video, a video call or a stream, with broadcast like functionality such as camera pans, sophisticated zooms, realtime source switching, dynamic interactive content and full playback control - all wrapped up into one unique software. There is...
  5. digital-daniel

    OBS virtual camera displays poorly in Chrome after update

    Since today's update, I the OBS virtual camera displays poorly in Google Meet. Black and white with lines and coloured glitches In Firefox it displays fine. Any suggestions welcome. Many thanks
  6. J

    Strange thing just happened with VIRTUAL CAMERA

    I haven't used OBS studio in several days, I know some updates to LINUX occurred, but suddenly the VIRTUAL CAMERA function is missing when I start up OBS STUDIO: OBS STUDIO 27.2.1 LINUX MINT 20.3 Una (Ubuntu 20.02 focal) Kernel: 5.4.0-962202022022-generic x86_64 bits: 64 compiler: gcc v: 9.3.0
  7. M

    Configuration of the obs VirtualCam to be displayed in the device manager (needed for the android emulator)

    I need to use a virtual camera on an android emulator, is there any option for a virtual camera to be displayed in the device manager so that I can use it or maybe is there any App that will allow that?
  8. D

    Need Help trying to get 8 virtual cams on OBS with the old third party plugin.

    Hi all! I am looking for help with a quite peculiar project. I need to get 8 virtual cams in OBS. all with different sources. i tried seeking help on the OBS Discord, but It seems nobody there can help me currently, although Fenrir said it should be possible. For context, I'm using Playstation...
  9. Turbolego

    Virtual Camera becomes laggy over time gradually

    Specs: Windows 10 Pro, v.21H1, build 19043.1466 OBS Studio 27.1.3 (64 bit) Logitech c920 webcam Setup: 1 Scene 3 Sources: Logitech C920 - Custom resolution: 1920x1080 and Filter: Chroma Key (green) Video file (local file, .mp4 format) - with loop and Filter: Chroma Key (green) Image file...
  10. J

    OBS Virtual Camera won't start (v4l2loopback-dkms)

    I'm running on Wayland. After installing obs-studio and v4l2loopback-dkms via pacman -S obs-studio v4l2loopback-dkms, I open obs and "Start Virtual Camera" does appear, however nothing happens when clicked. In terminal, I see the following: I am definitely entering my password correctly. If...
  11. N

    How to add SRGB to OBS 27 virtual camera

    Good day! How to add SRGB to OBS 27 virtual camera The program in which I use the obs virtual camera capture does not work with the i420 NV12 and YUV2 (I get a black screen). Please, tell me how you can solve this problem?
  12. hypersun_pro

    Virtual Cam not Loading

    Spec: MacBook Air M1 16Gig RAM Software: MacOS 11.6 OBS 27.1.0 Problem: I already uninstalled the older OBS virtual cam. When I click on Start Virtual Camera, it doesn't do anything. When I look into the log, it says [mac-virtualcam] [macOS] VirtualCam DAL Plugin Installation status: (null)...
  13. jgygghbhjhf


    what i do if when im turning on my virtual camera plugin im getting BSoD how i can reinstall? how i can remove/change?? why my windows 7 computer is crashing??? i need re-install Windows 7????
  14. D

    Cannot get YouTube to recognise Virtual Camera

    Hi and thanks for your help. Running OBS 27.0.1 on win 10 Prof with 24GB RAM For our church we have always only live streamed through Facebook and this was easy to setup. But we have people asking to also live stream on YouTube. I know that we need a second "camera" and this is where OBS...
  15. M

    How can I set the image quality of Virtual Camera?

    Hello. I'm using a Virtual Camera. I want to set the image quality. Does it affect only Video or does Streaming of Output also affect it? Where can I set the image quality? Advice please. Thank you.
  16. B

    HELP: Why the Heck Is OBS Virtual Camera Showing up As WebCam??

    Very recently, I purchased a new Dell Micro PC with Windows 10 Pro. I've a Logitech C920 WebCam Pro that worked fine on my Windows 10 Home laptop and it was doing fine on this system. Then, I installed OBS Studio to record videos and do some livestreaming. My system is an i7 PC with 16GB of Ram...
  17. wasawat_non

    Does Virtual Camera use CPU or GPU ?

    I just wonder which one does it use ?
  18. O

    Virtual Camera Issue

    I am developing an application to switch the scenes of OBS. For that i am using the latest version of OBS (27.0). The main issue is i am unable to get the video feed from that inbuilt "Virtual Camera" after starting this in my AIR application using the Camera. I am getting the Virtual Camera...
  19. H

    PC Turned Shut Down when using virtual cam

    Hello, I am using zoom & the virtual camera parallelly. But after using 20/25 minutes my laptop shut down automatically. Please give me a suggestion of what can I do now?
  20. Eddisch

    discord virtual cam not working

    hello I try to use the virtual cam in discord but it just shows that the cam loads what can I do