virtual camera

  1. H

    PC Turned Shut Down when using virtual cam

    Hello, I am using zoom & the virtual camera parallelly. But after using 20/25 minutes my laptop shut down automatically. Please give me a suggestion of what can I do now?
  2. Eddisch

    discord virtual cam not working

    hello I try to use the virtual cam in discord but it just shows that the cam loads what can I do
  3. P

    obs can not stream because the video it frezze and it is so slow

    Hi, I am using OBS Mac High Sierra with obs cam App on iPhone 12 and obs virtual cam for stream by zoom, but when I run the presentation the vídeo it frezze and so slow. CPU use is up to 28-30%, so I can not stream by zoom. Please I need to know if I need an special settings. Thanks
  4. M

    Virtual Camera not working anywhere, plz help.

    Hi, newbie here! Here's the thing: I want to use OBS only for the virtual camera, and when I click on "Start Virtual Cam", it looks like is running well on OBS but nothing happens in the other app (Webex, Teams, Zoom...). I can select OBS as webcam in the other apps, but I can only see a picture...
  5. A

    Virtual camera and sleep and the "Are you sure you want to stop streaming" dialogue box of doooooom

    There are options to disable the notification boxes for ending recordings or streams, but there is no such option for the virtual camera. Accordingly, OBS interrupts system sleep and shutdown actions whenever I forget to turn off the virtual camera, and I can't just close the program because...
  6. teledyn

    Ubuntu 20.04 Virtual Camera is blank

    Everything seems to be in order, I have obs-studio 26.1.2, v4l2loopback-dkms and disabled the MOK in my bios, modprobe loads the loopback without complaining $ v4l2-ctl --list-devices Dummy video device (0x0000) (platform:v4l2loopback-000): /dev/video3 $ ls -l /dev/video3 crw-rw----+ 1 root...
  7. W

    Hey can somebody help me please?

    I download OBS studio and OBS virtual cam plugin and I want to use it on Omegle website to show people my paints but when I want to change the cam on google chrome it says it's on OBS virtual cam but Omegle website keep saying that the cam I'm using is the integrated cam of my laptop. Looks like...
  8. Reaby

    Possible to send multiview to virtualcam ?

    Hi folks, My question/wish is simple, I would need multiview at virtual cam. This is since we need the multiview on different room(can use websocket to remote control scenes). Thing is I need this in low bandwidth, low latency, so i'm using the UDP method mentioned here at forums. If the...
  9. J

    OBS 26 Virtual Camera Mac Audio Sync Solved!

    Struggling with audio sync and the built-in virtual camera. In reading these forums, it looks like the way people are trying to solve for this is through NDI Tools or virtual cabling. I was leery about introducing another software layer to solve a sync issue so NDI was out. I had Black Hole...
  10. A

    Facebook Messenger for Mac - Virtual Cam

    I use Messenger for Mac. I can't seem to find a way of changing the settings between my built-in camera and the ODS Virtual Camera. Can anyone help, please? Andre
  11. A

    Other Virtual Cameras Not Showing up in Applications

    I have installed OBS v.26 and the Virtual Camera plugin with 4 cameras. The problem is that even if I start other Virtual Cameras they don't show up in applications (browsers). For example; I start OBS VirtualCam 2 via a filter effect for a window capture. Then I go to browser settings to choose...
  12. Anlei1627

    Using virtual camera and recording timelapse video.

    I am using obs virtual camera to share my webcam and screen on a studying channel on a discord server, and I want to record my studying timelapse on it simultaneously. I tried to record at low fps at first but it turned out to be also sharing a low fps one on the channel. Is there any way to...
  13. Kdwk

    Cannot Start Virtual Camera

    Software and hardware information, plus output of running 'obs' in the Terminal (error for failing to start virtual camera at the end). Please advice. Any help is appreciated. Attempted path: share/obs/obs-studio/locale/en-US.ini Attempted path: /usr/share/obs/obs-studio/locale/en-US.ini...
  14. Aidan Orane

    Change virtual camera still image?

    Hi, Is it possible to change the still image displayed when the virtual camera is off? Instead of the OBS logo and blue background, I'd like a personalized one. Running OBS 26.1.1 x64 on W10. Thank you for your attention.
  15. Y

    Virtual Camera option doesen't appear

    I want to use the virtual camera feature of OBS, but altough I'm using a version after 26.0.0 (26.1.2), the option isn't availible where it should be. I am using Void Linux.
  16. cmccandless

    (Ubuntu 20.04) Virtual Camera will not start

    When I click "Start Virtual Camera", the button no longer changes to "Stop Virtual Camera", and the virtual camera is not started (not visible in system or other applications). The only thing in the logs is "Failed to start virtual camera". Logfile:
  17. Allarion

    Virtual camera doesnt work only in browsers

    Windows 10, OBS 26.1.1 Virtual camera in zoom or discord worked fine, but in browsers doesnt. Check it on Chrome 88.0.4324.104, FireFox 85.0. In Chrome settings im choosen cam: OBS Virtual camera When im open (or anoter) - im allow camera/microfon using, but i cant choose on webpage...
  18. MATU1

    Virtual camera is blocking webcam in Microsoft Teams

    Hi, since the update with a virtual camera, my main camera starts to has problems. Even I don't have opened or loaded OBS Studio I have always opted for OBS Virtual camera or use my webcam. And here comes the problem: when I choose OBS Virtual camera there is just that OBS logo with crossed cam...
  19. AnotherOBS

    Replace OBS Virtual Camera Placeholder?

    Hello. I was wondering if there was a way to replace the virtual camera placeholder on mac? I've found the place holder image in the directory: /Applications/ but after replacing the image and...
  20. S

    How to get virtual Camera Data using opencv?

    I got a black frame, could you help me how to get it correctly?