Turn on/off virtual camera using hotkeys


New Member
Hi all, using Elgato Stream Deck and have everything working great except the plug-in doesn't have native on/off capabilities for the OBS virtual camera. So, I set a hotkey in OBS to turn the virtual cam on and off. I'm on MacOS Ventura 13.0.1. It works extremely inconsistently. I don't think this is a Stream Deck issue because even hitting the hotkeys on my keyboard only works 10% of the time. I've tried simple hotkeys, complex hotkeys. I've tried when OBS is the focus app, not the focus app, on a different desktop. The fact that it works sometimes tells me I'm doing something right. Is this just a MacOS issue with hotkeys? I wish Stream Deck would add direct control to the virtual camera, but until then, hotkey is the only option I could think of.