virtual cam

  1. Y

    Help for Virtual Camera not starting

    I've been having trouble with this since yesterday and couldn't find any answers online. I'm trying to use the virtual camera to use a vtuber model in discord calls, the issue is that the virtual camera fails to start, and tell me to check the log. I am using an intel i5 4590-T with integrated...
  2. G

    Virtual Cam Bitrate

    I'm being asked to adjust my bitrate of my virtual camera. Is there a way to adjust the bitrate of your virtual camera? I see there is a Bitrate setting in the Stream section of Settings, but this does not seem to change my Virtual Camera. I thought it was just raw video being sent out so...
  3. T

    Virtual camera on Android

    Good afternoon. Tell me, please, how can I bring a virtual camera to my Android 13? Important, not From Android TO OBS Desktop, but from OBS Desktop TO Android. If this cannot be done by OBS means, then could you suggest me alternative ways? Thank you...
  4. ecto5416

    OBS Virtual Camera NOT showing up in windows 11, but it's showing in OBS

    I've Installed latest version OBS. When I start OBS's Virtual Camera, it shows up properly within OBS (as it should) but It DOESN'T show up in windows 11 (as you can see in attached screenshot). It also doesn't show up in any other windows app. I want to use this virtual camera within snap...
  5. G

    Virtual camera on Debian

    I installed OBS 29.1.3 using flatpak on my Debian 12 (bookworm), and there is not a botton to launch virtual camera: How can I launch virtual camera? Or what information should I get?
  6. venuko

    OBS 29.0.0 Virtual Camera no longer works with WebEx Meetings

    Updated my OBS Studio to 29.0.0 and the virtual camera has stopped working with WebEX Meetings (both web and desktop clients). I am getting a green bg, see attached. The virtual camera still works with Zoom though. mscOS Monterey 12.6.2 MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2019) 2.6 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i7 16...
  7. J

    Videos in BigBlueButton via OBS virtual camera no sound

    Hello, I'm using OBS with BigBlueButton which works fine in general. I only have problems with sharing videos. I would like to do this via the OBS virtual camera. Film resolution and performance look good but the participants in my BigBlueButton-Room can hear no sound. Is there just a setting...
  8. CGGuitar

    OBS v29 Virtual Cam not working with Zoom 5.13.4

    Hey guys, Virtual Cam on OBS isn't working anymore with Zoom. Can anyone help?? I've attached a screenshot of what the OBS virtual camera looks like when turning it on to use in Zoom meeting. Is this a bug in the new version of OBS. Using OBS v29 and Zoom v5.13.4 Cheers, Charlie
  9. V

    Can I create more than 5 virtual cams on OBS? I need actually 20 virtual cameras.

    Is it possible to create 20 virtual cams on OBS?
  10. A

    Turn on/off virtual camera using hotkeys

    Hi all, using Elgato Stream Deck and have everything working great except the plug-in doesn't have native on/off capabilities for the OBS virtual camera. So, I set a hotkey in OBS to turn the virtual cam on and off. I'm on MacOS Ventura 13.0.1. It works extremely inconsistently. I don't think...
  11. rikai0628

    Obs Virual camera showing glitched video

    Obs Virual camera showing glitched video,, it happens in older versions as well
  12. J

    OBS Virtual Camera in 28.0.3 giving me static color bars

    I'm on Apple Silicon (M1) running Mac OS Ventura 13.0 and OBS 28.0.3 (64 bit). This is a different problem than the green distortion some are discussing. Virtual cam appears in Zoom and Skype, but I just get rainbow bars. Any ideas?
  13. K

    Start Virtual Camera button doesn't do anything.

    I installed the flatpak. When I click the start virtual camera button, it asks for a password that I give correctly (I typoed it once and it told me, so i definitely was doing it right), and then just doesn't do anything. The button indicates it's not started, no virtual camera anywhere. I'm on...
  14. H

    Trying to setup a virtual webcam, but no matter the software I use (obs-studio, streamlabs) I don't get a webcam output.

    I've been trying for a while to get this to work so I can use opencv's videocapture() function to run a tensorflow model over my captured screen. However for some reason I cannot get either obs-studio or streamlabs virtual webcam to work. On discord and also on the default windows 10 Camera app...
  15. B

    Is there any way to change the placeholder virtual camera image?

    im trying to change it and when i replaced it it just became a black image despite the image i chose being not just a black image
  16. btt1

    does not recognize the camera when turning on the computer (after deleting the obs)

    I downloaded the obs because I wasn't able to zoom in on my webcam. I watched tutorials because I wanted to make video calls and downloaded a virtual cam. After installing, I saw that it did not solve my problem and I uninstalled the obs. Every time I entered a video call platform (meet) an obs...
  17. wh0istim

    Virtual camera isn't recognised by any programmes/websites (Windows 11)

    Whatever I try, I can't get it to work. Whether it's in the camera app on Win11 or various websites that require camera access, the virtual cam doesn't show up as an available camera. What can do to fix this?
  18. J

    Facebook Messenger no longer recognizing OBS virtual camera?

    I have always been able to use OBS virtual camera with Facebook Messenger until about 2 months ago when I updated Messenger. Now it does not accept a virtual camera. Has anyone else had this problem? I haven't found any information on Facebook's side or OBS's side. It's quite frustrating, and...
  19. D

    RTMP Stream Stops Working on Some Machines

    Hello, I have a very simple setup. I'm using OBS to combine the feeds from my built-in webcam and from an Amcrest IP cam (via RTMP, static IP) into a single scene. I'm using the virtual camera and using that for Zoom. I had the scene working. I shared it with three other machines (having to...
  20. M

    Configuration of the obs VirtualCam to be displayed in the device manager (needed for the android emulator)

    I need to use a virtual camera on an android emulator, is there any option for a virtual camera to be displayed in the device manager so that I can use it or maybe is there any App that will allow that?