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  1. JBJB1029

    I have 2 Problems while I'm Recording in Different Programs

    I'm having 2 Problems while I'm Recording in Different Programs: So do you have a Solution OR 2 to Fix these Problems that I'm having with OBS right now?
  2. swabbie

    Record my zoom meeting mic when open/on only

    On OBS, i mute the Mic/Aux because I dont want my recordings to capture my breathing while i'm just listening to a zoom call/meeting. But in doing this, when I speak or open my mic on the zoom meeting, OBS cant record my mic/voice because it is muted. Is there a way to record my microphone only...
  3. CGGuitar

    OBS v29 Virtual Cam not working with Zoom 5.13.4

    Hey guys, Virtual Cam on OBS isn't working anymore with Zoom. Can anyone help?? I've attached a screenshot of what the OBS virtual camera looks like when turning it on to use in Zoom meeting. Is this a bug in the new version of OBS. Using OBS v29 and Zoom v5.13.4 Cheers, Charlie
  4. S

    OBS with Virtual Audio Cables & Zoom - Audio Loop

    Hoping someone can point me to something simple I've done wrong... My scenario is that I need to record and stream local government council meetings. Recordings are to MKV files for records retention purposes, additionally, meetings are streamed to YouTube for community members to view who may...
  5. ddflink

    How to record Zoom participation without echo??

    I am using OBS for zoom presentations with student participation. The desktop audio is on, so I can record the student participation (and periodically share audio from my PPT videos). The Zoom mic is the Cable Output (VB-Audio Virtual Cable). The problem is, when students ask questions they hear...
  6. ddflink

    Scenes not changing on Zoom

    Since the version after 27.2.4, when changing scenes in OBS, the screen on Zoom goes blank. I then need to restart the virtual camera for the selected scene to appear on Zoom. Any suggestions, other than going back to 27.2.4?
  7. C

    High CPU and Audio Distortion

    Hey, I'm working on setting up presentations we can present to customers and will be using OBS primarily over Zoom, or another Webinar option I'm still researching. My test runs have not gone well, my CPU is getting throttled to 100% and the audio coming in from others and going out is really...
  8. dev47

    DroidCam Virtual Output 0.1.2

    An alternative virtual output plugin that connects OBS Studio with the DroidCam virtual camera drivers. Note: This plugin is not connected to the DroidCam phone app, see the DroidCam Source plugin instead. Key Differences Existing virtualcam implementations use DirectShow, whereas DroidCam...
  9. M

    hardware requirement for streaming from Zoom to Youtube

    Hey guys, I'm going to do a live broadcast of an event to Youtube. It will happen through Zoom, but as there will be simultaneous translation into another language, I will need to use OBS. I won't be using my web cam or microphone, my only function will be to broadcast... What would be a...
  10. R

    [Advanced Scene Switcher] Autorun Zoom meetings with links

    Hi there, I may need some assistance here since I don't understand programming at all. Here are the brief information to save some of your time. Setup Intentions: Automatic Zoom Runner for my OBS Setup (I'm just an attendees, no access to zoom recording) I need an OBS setup where I can...
  11. M

    OBS fails to capture Zoom Speaker's video

    Hello Everyone, my obs capture shows this when I try to record a zoom meeting video. . . . What I want is this Basically, I want to capture the Speakers view window also. When I try to add a window capture source, I don't find this window anywhere. When I click on the 'view' option on zoom...
  12. T

    Zoom window captures destroy performance - Am I the only one?

    Hey, so I've been streaming for a couple of years now. I'm running an ASUS ROG Strix Scar (15) with Ryzen 7 5800 and an RTX 3080. I upgraded from a 3 year old MSI GS65 with a an i7 8750h + GTX 1070, mainly because of this issue, thinking that it's performance/hardware related. I livestream a...
  13. T

    VLC source code and ZOOM

    Hi there, I am still new to OBS so please bear with me.. I have added VLC source to my scene and I was using zoom's OBS virtual camera. When I click play in OBS, there is no sound and my participant on the other side can't hear it either. However, if I just play the video without opening zoom...
  14. F

    Connecting OBS with Zoom without AV syncing issues

    Hi everyone! Sorry for the 1,000th post about audio and video syncing issues but I have been trying to address them for three days without any luck. I primarily use OBS to capture video from my digital camera to use in video conference calls on Zoom. I do not record or stream. There is a ~500ms...
  15. K

    Question / Help OBS & Zoom - Cropped Guest Windows move when new connections or disconnections.

    Hello all I am new to OBS and making a Zoom live Streaming through it. I am preparing an online web event with several guests and facing a real problem, let me explain how I proceed : I make a zoom meeting to have all my guests, and then in OBS I crop the 'windows capture' in SOURCE to have...
  16. O

    Question / Help how to make it so your conference in zoom can hear obs sounds

    I'm doing a show with OBS and i'm trying to make it so people in the conference can hear the videos that play in obs and also put the zoom audio in obs so when we stream it goes smooth and the audience can hear everything that is going on.
  17. M

    Question / Help Zoom not displaying in OBS via Game Capture properly

    Hi World, Has anyone else recently had issues between Zoom and OBS? I've been running interviews with it where the setup is me and the guest on Zoom and then, using Game Capture (because nothing else works), I'm getting very hit and miss integration between the two. As in sometimes it'll show...
  18. W

    Question / Help My OBS can't read Zoom meeting anymore

    At first, I was quite happy using OBS on my laptop to stream my Zoom meeting on social media as an online conference, but later on, my OBS can't read the meeting screen anymore like the way it can't work for the display capture. I'd be quite happy if it could restore like the way I did.
  19. D

    Question / Help Zoom audio delay and echo in OBS MAC

    I have been trying to find a solution for this for months! I can't find any help. I use OBS streamlabs on a Macbook pro 2017. I am trying to do live stream interviews with OBS and bringing in the other person through ZOOM video conferencing. I set up the source for ZOOM and bring the video...
  20. Z

    Question / Help ZOOM Video Conferencing

    I want to stream a zoom meeting: I want to make it so that each participant in the meeting shows up as a source in OBS. That way I can switch between participants like a newscast. How would I do this? Thanks -Zach