[Advanced Scene Switcher] Autorun Zoom meetings with links


Hi there, I may need some assistance here since I don't understand programming at all. Here are the brief information to save some of your time.

Setup Intentions: Automatic Zoom Runner for my OBS Setup (I'm just an attendees, no access to zoom recording)
I need an OBS setup where I can automatically run Zoom and start a meeting triggered by A.S.S. Macro.

Reason: I'm going on a trip next month but I don't want to miss my lecture session.
My current setup is only able to start stream, switch scenes based on time, basic stuff but still need human operations.

What I'd like to add in A.S.S.:
Add "Run" macros that run Zoom added with argument to execute a command to join zoom meetings automatically based on the links given in the argument.

Two approach at least what I thought as a noob:
Approach 1: run Zoom added with arguments where zoom links already provided, more macros for each meetings
Approach 2: run a browser to fetch provided zoom links from website, then zoom automatically runs

Issue: I don't know how to do it. ;(

For references, this is my current OBS Setup Live Stream. Things that automated was auto scene switch, auto start/stop stream. Things that still on manual, running the zoom.

Thank you for your time and please, feel free to ask.


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Following because I am looking to do something similar with Discord Live Stream. I am in the voice channel's, but occasionally have to leave before the live stream starts & would love to be able to set up a macro that will click on that stream so I can record the audio and video.