advanced scene switcher

  1. J

    Advanced Scene Switcher Docking Switch Glitch

    Hi! I downloaded Advanced Scene Switcher and it was working well. I'm not sure what happened, but after a livestream to YouTube, a glitch occurred. Now, when I open up OBS, there is an Adv SS docking switch that pops up that says the switcher is active but I'm unable to click on it or press...
  2. SaveTheHuman5

    Free (With Signup) YourDirectorAI | FREE OBS AI Camera Switcher 1.2

    AI Video Switching. Switch your video scenes in an unattended automatic way, in real-time. Improve your live streams, virtual meetings, presentations, or classes. Save time on the creation of your videos. Add a pro look to your Webcam streams, or DSLR stream setup. YourDirectorAI works with any...
  3. Y

    Advanced Scene Switching + Source Record - HELP!

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to setup a Macro that allows me to stream a video element on a Scene, BUT that doesn't get recorded on my final recording from OBS. I tried with Source Record but, so far, wasn't able to. Any ideas? Thanks a lot!
  4. D

    Black screen transparency

    Hi there, I have an issue with a streaming set up for a church service. I'm streaming a live camera input, with an inset of a display capture from the projectors, which are usually showing a slideshow (using Proclaim software). When I show a black screen, it looks like the projectors are off in...
  5. benjosephjones07

    Advanced scene switcher - timed loop between sources

    Hi all, complete amateur here. I'm using a mac book pro, have just downloaded the advanced scene switcher plugin ( with the intent of automatically transitioning between video sources on a timed loop (specifically - 5 seconds displaying just a video...
  6. Y

    Scene Automatic Changing by the viewers, scene vote

    Hiii!, is there any way so, (only in) "A" scene viewers can change which scene it will be after a timer ends?, like a "scene vote"? I mean, i have a "choose scene: A, B, C or D?" scene, and i want (only) that scene to be an automatized scene to vote and automatically change scene by the chat...
  7. E

    Automatic stream on schedule - Broken plug

    Hi, For a long time I was wondering how I can set my streams to turn on by themselves without my interference. For example, to have the stream come on at 3 p.m. while I'm still at work. It is true that I found the answer to this (Advanced Scene Switcher Plugin) And okay, many people praise this...
  8. R

    [Advanced Scene Switcher] Autorun Zoom meetings with links

    Hi there, I may need some assistance here since I don't understand programming at all. Here are the brief information to save some of your time. Setup Intentions: Automatic Zoom Runner for my OBS Setup (I'm just an attendees, no access to zoom recording) I need an OBS setup where I can...
  9. Sir_Bugencio_CTR

    Turning on/off webcam via code (set settings) while switching scene? Advanced Scene Switcher

    I'm looking for a way to activate the camera from code using the advanced scene switcher extension. I do not want to use hotkeys, I want this process to be automated so that when the scene is changed the camera turns on or off automatically. I was trying to put in the "active" parameter true or...
  10. U

    I'd like to end the stream after a certain scene was switched

    I tried to do this by using a macro from Advanced Scene Switcher but it doesn't work... Take a look at what I wrote : If you've got any advice or solution, I'm really thankful ! Bye ! Un_Chat_
  11. U

    I'd like to end my stream after a certain scene is switched

    I tried to do this by using a macro from Advanced Scene Switcher but it doesn't work... Take a look at what I wrote : If you've got any advice or solution, I'm really thankful ! Bye ! Un_Chat_
  12. A

    Multi-Instance: How to make a Slave instance of OBS follow a Master instance?

    I need to produce two separate streams with different but related content. One feeds an online meeting platform using the virtual camera, and the other feeds a local display and is recorded. The local display and recording instance has two scenes - screen capture of the meeting, or direct from...
  13. J

    Advanced Scene Switcher | Audio tab

    Hi, I'm running a few cameras for a radio station, each camera is a scene. I use Advanced Scene Switcher. In the "sequence" tab I have a sequence of scenes setup, that works fine. In the "audio" tab I have the post-fader input of the radio dj, it switches to a certain cam (scene) when the dj...
  14. S

    Need advice : making a stinger with blurry effect on main cam

    Hello everyone, I'm quite a newbie on OBS so this might be a simple question. I would like to create a stinger that goes like this : Once I change scene, my main cam gets blurry then the logo shows up (with transparent background) then leaves, once the animation is over I'd like to see my...
  15. M

    Advanced scene switcher causing cap card to freeze

    After much poking around I disabled the advanced scene switcher and it resolved an issue with my capture card randomly freezing while streaming. I couldn’t figure out why out of the blue my capture card started freezing up during streams. Would happen at random intervals sometimes no freeze...
  16. S

    Automatic regulary scene switch

    Hi guys, I would like to stream and automatically switch back and forth between 2 scenes on a regular basis. Do you have a solution for this? Thanks in advance Br Schlamii
  17. W

    Auto-Select Scene and Auto-End Stream

    Hi, Is there a way to automatically select a scene at the start of the stream? And, is there a way to automatically end a stream after selecting scene? Thank you.
  18. O

    Advanced scene switcher, switch scene on OBS title

    Hey! Im trying to make adv. Scene switcher to switch to x scene when im on OBS. (or OBS is in focus or if i click on obs go to x scene.) That settings should be at the Title bar. I have no problem to switch scene if i click on any other application. I tried to wrote in the app text field...
  19. S

    Advanced Scene Switcher Issue With transitions

    So I have an issue, maybe you can help me. When I setup transitions in Advanced Scene Switcher (ASS - not an insult, love the switcher :)) It keeps my transition moving forward, unless I change it. My issue or desire. I want the ASS to switch between certain scenes automatically. Though when...
  20. D

    Question / Help OBS keeps duplicating the same scene over and over

    Hi all I'm not sure if this is a bug or something I'm doing wrong, but OBS keeps duplicating one of my scenes ("Intro"), sometimes 3 or 4 times. When I delete the extra scenes, I have to re-add the transition from that scene to another one in Advanced Scene Switcher, and when I either switch...