1. W

    Setting advice

    I need help on the setting up for video screen recording for educational purposes My device is iMac 2015 - processor 3.2 GHz Quadcore intel i5 - graphic AMD Radeon R9 m380 2GB - memory 25 GB 1876 MHz DDR3 - macOs Sonoma 14.2.1 Use: I want to record my screen when I do online study. My...
  2. takuya.matsumoto

    Display capture distortion on OBS Studio

    このスレッドと同じ問題が発生しています。 https://obsproject.com/forum/threads/display-capture-distortion-on-obs-studio.139940/ OBS Studio側でどのような設定をすればよいのか知りたいです。 また、調査に必要なログがある場合はお知らせください。取得を行ってみましょう。
  3. B

    OBS Virtual Camera causing Zoom Performance Issues

    Hello, While using OBS 30.0.2 in conjunction with Zoom 5.17.15, turning on or off my camera causes Zoom to freeze and, sometimes, crash. I tried downgrading, here are the combinations I've tried: OBS 29.1.3 with Zoom 5.17.15, 5.17.10, and 5.16.10 OBS 30.0.2 with Zoom 5.17.15, 5.17.10, and...
  4. R

    OBS virtual webcam lags Zoom

    Hello, im using Zoom with OBS at university, but for some reason when i turn on camera it starts to lag and freezes eventually, leaving me to turn off the app. However it is not the real webcam that lags the Zoom, it's a virtual OBS camera with that blue background and logo that does lag the...
  5. L

    Can't switch from live to media source *with* audio in both?

    I've searched for posts on this forum and watched a dozen YouTube videos, and I still can't figure this out. It seems like OBS ought to give me a way to switch from one scene with a mic to another with a media source and still be able to pick up the audio from each. I've installed a virtual...
  6. B

    OBS Lua Zoom to Mouse 1.0.1

    An OBS lua script to zoom a display-capture source to focus on the mouse when you press the assigned hotkey. You can optionally toggle following your cursor so that it is always in view while zoomed in. Cropping and positioning of the source is also supported. I made this script for my own use...
  7. Q

    Recording Zoom Call - Zoom Video SDK

    Hello we are using Zoom video sdk for calling in our web app. Now we want to record the video - audio of calls and host it in our servers in UAE. Is it possible by OBS ? If yes can you let us know about costing ?
  8. Spinball

    How to switch Zoom view and active sources simultaneously (on Windows)

    This method on Windows 10. I can't say whether it works on any other operating systems. We stream using Zoom by capturing the Zoom window and positioning it within our layout and have historically used Zoom's Gallery View. However, I want to occasionally focus more on the speaker and use...
  9. dtc-united

    Using OBS as a virtual display in Teams

    Hi all, I was wondering if it is possible to get a "Virtual Desktop" as a selectable option in Teams (or Zoom, Webex, Lync, etc.), where you can use the output of OBS in it. I have already found a thread from 2020 // https://obsproject.com/forum/threads/create-a-virtual-desktop-in-obs.135571/...
  10. W

    OBS PTZ control- USB CAMERA

    Hi! I have a USB PTZ Camera that i use for streaming on YouTube and Facebook. I want to control the camera through OBS, more specifically Touch Portal. I have downloaded the PTZ Optics, and another, controller Plugin. Both Plug ins require the use of an IP camera... I can right click on the...
  11. L

    Zoom to OBS to YouTube Live

    Hi there, I'm setting up a livestream that has to use a zoom feed. We're streaming the view of the zoom meeting with the audio setup as an audio input. The audio from the zoom call sounds normal coming out of the mac speakers, but when it gets to the stream it sounds horribly overprocessed...
  12. M

    VERY Choppy Video using Zoom

    Hi there, I run an interview channel on YouTube where I bring in guests virtually. Currently I am using Zoom to communicate with the guests and a window capture of that Zoom window to bring the guest into OBS visually. It all seems to go well when recording but when streaming the Zoom image...
  13. M

    Virtual Cable Monitoring Mic + 'Media Source' working for all apps EXCEPT Zoom!

    This one is super confusing... I have successfully got OBS + Virtual Cable A+B running and sending both the audio from my mic and an 'applause' sound effect being sent to `virtual cable A`. I know this is working fine, because when I got to my mac's `Systems Settings > Sound > Input' and...
  14. U

    Non-OBS Script Connect Excel to OBS .1

    This sample Excel JavaScript shows how to use the Excel Script Lab add-in and the OBS WebSocket to display an Excel cell's value in OBS. With the sample script the User selects a cell in Excel, then the value in that cell is used to replace the content of an OBS Text Source. This is a simple...
  15. O

    Simple zooming in/out firmware

    hi folks, I am a NB here and very much appreciate the help. I am looking for a simple background tool to let me digitally zoom in/out, in other words, to increase/decrease the field of vision. OBS studio is MORE than capable of doing this, but it has a huge footprint. Are there any tools (Open...
  16. ddflink

    Echo with VB-Audio Virtual Cable

    I am using OBS for zoom presentations with student participation. The desktop audio is on, so I can record the student participation. Since I also share videos (in a different scene) the Zoom mic is the Cable Output (VB-Audio Virtual Cable). The problem is, when students ask questions they hear...
  17. S

    How to set up OBS, zoom, audio monitor and nvidia broadcast?

    Greetings, I'm having a hard time getting audio working properly. Here's what I have so far: Nvidia broadcast audio settings: -- Audio output: My headphones (Realtek Digital Optical Output) -- Microphone source: Microphone (Yeti Stereo Microphone) Zoom audio settings (I'm using virtual audio...
  18. swabbie

    OBS record Zoom inputs only

    I want OBS to record my microphone only if I speak or open my mic on Zoom or any other online meeting platforms. On default it would just record my microphone and capture my audio even if I am not speaking on Zoom. How would I do this?
  19. B

    OBS & Zoom after the latest windows update is Hanging

    Yesterday i opted for windows 11 update: 2022-05 Cumulative Update for Windows 11 for x64-based Systems (KB5014019) Since then My OBS is not syncing with Zoom Call & its hanging. Initially the audio stopped working, now my camera stars to hang as i open a zoom application. I just updated my ZOOM...
  20. H

    Wild ride with PTZ cam and zoom classroom set-up almost perfect...

    Finally at good place to where I've only got a couple issues I need to squash Issue : Remote participants are hearing themselves echo in zoom when they address the presenter/class room. My working theory is the Zoom built-in feedback loop suppressor isn't working because the delay is so bad...