1. O

    Simple zooming in/out firmware

    hi folks, I am a NB here and very much appreciate the help. I am looking for a simple background tool to let me digitally zoom in/out, in other words, to increase/decrease the field of vision. OBS studio is MORE than capable of doing this, but it has a huge footprint. Are there any tools (Open...
  2. ddflink

    Echo with VB-Audio Virtual Cable

    I am using OBS for zoom presentations with student participation. The desktop audio is on, so I can record the student participation. Since I also share videos (in a different scene) the Zoom mic is the Cable Output (VB-Audio Virtual Cable). The problem is, when students ask questions they hear...
  3. S

    How to set up OBS, zoom, audio monitor and nvidia broadcast?

    Greetings, I'm having a hard time getting audio working properly. Here's what I have so far: Nvidia broadcast audio settings: -- Audio output: My headphones (Realtek Digital Optical Output) -- Microphone source: Microphone (Yeti Stereo Microphone) Zoom audio settings (I'm using virtual audio...
  4. swabbie

    OBS record Zoom inputs only

    I want OBS to record my microphone only if I speak or open my mic on Zoom or any other online meeting platforms. On default it would just record my microphone and capture my audio even if I am not speaking on Zoom. How would I do this?
  5. B

    OBS & Zoom after the latest windows update is Hanging

    Yesterday i opted for windows 11 update: 2022-05 Cumulative Update for Windows 11 for x64-based Systems (KB5014019) Since then My OBS is not syncing with Zoom Call & its hanging. Initially the audio stopped working, now my camera stars to hang as i open a zoom application. I just updated my ZOOM...
  6. H

    Wild ride with PTZ cam and zoom classroom set-up almost perfect...

    Finally at good place to where I've only got a couple issues I need to squash Issue : Remote participants are hearing themselves echo in zoom when they address the presenter/class room. My working theory is the Zoom built-in feedback loop suppressor isn't working because the delay is so bad...
  7. D

    RTMP Stream Stops Working on Some Machines

    Hello, I have a very simple setup. I'm using OBS to combine the feeds from my built-in webcam and from an Amcrest IP cam (via RTMP, static IP) into a single scene. I'm using the virtual camera and using that for Zoom. I had the scene working. I shared it with three other machines (having to...
  8. J

    obs virtual cam with zoom meeting problem

    Hello, first a greeting and apologize if I'm not writing in the right place. Until recently I have used obs without problem to give online piano lessons through zoom meeting. The configuration of my pc is ryzen 5 3600 and Msi rx5500xt with 16gb of ram and a 1080p 75hz monitor. It transmitted...
  9. R

    [Urgent] Help live streaming a Zoom channel (using simultaneous interpreting) to Youtube

    Hi everyone I think this should be pretty straightforward compared to other requests and maybe it has been answered but I tried several key words and didn't get anything. Basically I need to live stream a Zoom webinar to Youtube, but with the audio from a channel other than the main, since I...
  10. T

    Zoom guest's video stream without window capture?

    I have a OBS Studio scene set up with 3 separate rectangles that I would like to display my webcam and the webcam of 2 different Zoom guests. Is this possible? I got it to work relatively poorly by using a window capture of the Zoom window. Is there a way to get the guests raw video stream in...
  11. D

    Visual effect music plug-in research

    Hi everyone! I'd like to make an effect but I can't find how on OBS. Basically, I play a music in the background on Spotify, with a looping animation, and I'd like the video of the looping animation to "zoom in" to the rhythm of the music. I've tried the "Scale To Sound" plug-in, but I set it...
  12. E

    Microphone always recording

    Hello, I'm having this issue: I use OBS to record my Zoom meetings. But my microphone is always recording (even if I am at desktop or mic is set to mute in Zoom). Is there a way to record microphone only if I press "mic on" in Zoom? Thank you :)
  13. R

    [Advanced Scene Switcher] Autorun Zoom meetings with links

    Hi there, I may need some assistance here since I don't understand programming at all. Here are the brief information to save some of your time. Setup Intentions: Automatic Zoom Runner for my OBS Setup (I'm just an attendees, no access to zoom recording) I need an OBS setup where I can...
  14. R

    Semi-free schwercraft 1.0

    schwercraft is the first software to enrich all live video, a video call or a stream, with broadcast like functionality such as camera pans, sophisticated zooms, realtime source switching, dynamic interactive content and full playback control - all wrapped up into one unique software. There is...
  15. G

    OBS chroma versus Zoom chroma

    Hi I am new to OBS. I tried using the chroma filter but get much worse results in comparison to Zoom. Why? I played around with the chroma settings but can’t get a result anywhere close to Zoom. It’s mainly my hair (grey) that cause problems. Is the chroma key in OBS really that much inferior...
  16. S

    frames dropped and video lag while using zoom and obs

    I am a music teacher teaching online via zoom and using OBS(virtualcam). I am using OBS as virtual cam to zoom. Since past few months I am facing issue of lag in the video and lots of drops in frames. Not sure what is the issue. tried all hacks. Still not working. Day by day the the issue is...
  17. C

    How to open multiple instances of Zoom [WINDOWS]?

    Guide Step 1: Create a "dummy" user account in Windows. You can use an existing account if you like (it has to be a different account). Whichever you pick, it MUST have a password. Make one for each extra instance of Zoom that you need (e.g. if you need three instances of Zoom, make two...
  18. N

    obs output audio to tv and virtual audio cable (zoom) at same time

    Hello OBS Community, So I am having a slight issue. So I have a project that i will need to project to zoom and to a live in-room (conference room) tv. The zoom part Ihave figured out that I need to use the virual camera then set my OBS Advanced Audio "Monitoring Device" settings to a virtual...
  19. N

    OBS Virtual Camera does not appear in other applications

    OBS Virtual Camera does not appear in other applications ... as the title says. It simply does not show up, even when I run OBS as administrator.
  20. M

    OBS fails to capture Zoom Speaker's video

    Hello Everyone, my obs capture shows this when I try to record a zoom meeting video. . . . What I want is this Basically, I want to capture the Speakers view window also. When I try to add a window capture source, I don't find this window anywhere. When I click on the 'view' option on zoom...