1. N

    obs output audio to tv and virtual audio cable (zoom) at same time

    Hello OBS Community, So I am having a slight issue. So I have a project that i will need to project to zoom and to a live in-room (conference room) tv. The zoom part Ihave figured out that I need to use the virual camera then set my OBS Advanced Audio "Monitoring Device" settings to a virtual...
  2. N

    OBS Virtual Camera does not appear in other applications

    OBS Virtual Camera does not appear in other applications ... as the title says. It simply does not show up, even when I run OBS as administrator.
  3. M

    OBS fails to capture Zoom Speaker's video

    Hello Everyone, my obs capture shows this when I try to record a zoom meeting video. . . . What I want is this Basically, I want to capture the Speakers view window also. When I try to add a window capture source, I don't find this window anywhere. When I click on the 'view' option on zoom...
  4. D

    OBS and Zoom - Infinite Loop Video when Zoom is Display or Window Capture Source

    I used the Github repo below to set up OBS to record Zoom calls using VB Audio's virtual audio cables. https://github.com/paulczar/obs-and-zoom I am unable to get work properly without an "infinite loop" in the virtual camera. I know the readme advises turning off the webcam in Zoom to avoid...
  5. F

    re (routing / positioning / sizing) video output

    Hello ! I don't know if it is the right place to post this question My problem: In a zoom meeting consisting of two people (myself +1) , the only layout supported is "side by side" (I mean without changing the dimensions of the video) this is causing lack of eye contact with the camera...
  6. pointclear


    Is there a way to use OBS to capture a live video stream (i.e. RMTP, ZOOM or some other application) and convert it into a more lightweight audio stream?
  7. H

    PC Turned Shut Down when using virtual cam

    Hello, I am using zoom & the virtual camera parallelly. But after using 20/25 minutes my laptop shut down automatically. Please give me a suggestion of what can I do now?
  8. Jack Decker

    How do I incorporate two additional camera feeds into my Zoom meetings?

    I have three cameras I need to incorporate into my Zoom meetings in addition to those of attendees. How do I do that? Details: 1) My main camera is a Sony RX100 III. This focused on me. 2) A Logitech c920 will focus on scorecards that I flip by hand. 3) A cheap Versa Cam (1080 full HD) will...
  9. E

    zoom screen sharing with obs stream

    I'm trying to stream with obs, one of my capture windows is a game of Trivia murder party that is taking place on zoom. however, when I go to share my screen inside of zoom to show everyone the game, the zoom screen will disappear inside of obs. does anyone have any suggestions on how to solve...
  10. E

    OBS to set up online instrument teaching all "in the box" - an alternative use of the Desktop audio stream? Other tried and tested setups?

    I have currently set up OBS to provide all the sources to Zoom for my online bass guitar lessons: the video part is quite straightforward (single wide-angle camera plus logo) while audio is a bit more complex, as OBS controls and mixes all sources and sends them to Zoom via VB-Audio virtual...
  11. glikely

    PTZ Controls

    glikely submitted a new resource: PTZ Controls - Pan Tilt Zoom camera controls for OBS Read more about this resource...
  12. K

    System requirements

    Hi! I have tried to create a stream to Zoom from OBS using shared cameras (from 2 cell phones) with obs.ninja. However it is lagging quite a bit as soon as I start the virtual camera stream in Zoom. Maybe I have to poor computer performance and/or internet connection. I have MacBook Pro with...
  13. T

    Infinite Screen Loop when Showing Zoom

    Log File: https://obsproject.com/logs/hqviGCoJQn4F9BH_ I'm working with OBS Studio to try to stream to YouTube while switching between our on-site folks or folks in a zoom meeting if they're participating remotely. With that, I'm logged into Zoom and using the VirtualCam plugin for OBS so that...
  14. T

    Camera crashes (and turns pixely grey) during Zoom Webinar

    Hi All, I'm unable to find any info on this specific issue so hopefully someone knows what's happening here. We were a good hour into a webinar hosted on Zoom and suddenly the OBS feed "crashed". The OBS screen became a pixelated grey (screenshot of how it looked on the recording is attached...
  15. lucidokr

    OBS Lua Simple Meeting Timer 1.0

    # OBS JW Meeting Timer This is a Lua script for OBS Studio that sets a text source as a timer for the JW meeting. **Configuration** The first thing is to create the text sources for the script: - one for the countdown - one for the delay time I have created a default scene used by me in the...
  16. A

    Audio Issues OBS to Zoom

    Hello! I'm working on a performance that will be live streamed through OBS to Zoom. We're using 4 iPhones, connecting them to OBS on a 2017 Macbook Pro running Big Sur, using OBS Ninja to wirelessly connect the iPhones, and then streaming from OBS to Zoom using the virtual recording feature...
  17. H

    Hosting A Guest on Zoom meeting and Broadcasting Conversation (not virtual camera)

    Each time I try to figure this out and I Google "Zoom" and "OBS", all I get are how to output my OBS Video as a Virtual Camera so that it appears in a Zoom meeting. I want the reverse, I want to have someone get on my Zoom meeting and then I will have a conversation with them that I am...
  18. M

    OBS + ZOOM Delay AND Sync Issues

    I am having a lot of problems both with delay (i raise my hand and it doesn't appear for longer than normal) and A/V sync (audio is ahead of video). I have seen similar issues on the forum but I can't change my source to things like "Display Capture". My configuration is as follows: MacBook Air...
  19. H

    Bring spotlighted zoom videos into OBS

    I have zoom and OBS working nicely together, with my own video shown in zoom with whatever scenes I've created in OBS. I am hosting a game show for a non profit and would like to have a way to include spotlighted, or certain pinned videos in zoom, on my OBS virtual cam (in other words, my own...
  20. crzyg8r

    OSB freezing as virtual camera in Zoom

    Multiple times lately I'll be using OBS in a Zoom Webinar or Meeting and the obs feed is either extremely slow and lagging, freezes completely, is blurry, the screen share is just a blank black screen to my viewers/attendees, or a combination of all of these issues. When this happens, I change...