Recording Zoom Call - Zoom Video SDK


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we are using Zoom video sdk for calling in our web app. Now we want to record the video - audio of calls and host it in our servers in UAE.

Is it possible by OBS ? If yes can you let us know about costing ?


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No cost. All free. The only questions are, "Is it possible, and if so, how?" For that, you might need to be creative, and/or look into the SDK yourself.

The way that *I* record a meeting, is to just Window-Capture the meeting app in OBS. No SDK required. If it's on the screen, then OBS can grab it, so that's how I do it. Audio is separate, using its own loopback.


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And where will be the recorded video save ?
Wherever you set it to. OBS is recording. Zoom is not.

Explore ALL of the settings, figure out what each one probably does, and set them to work for you. Occasionally someone says, "I didn't touch anything and it doesn't work!", and it turns out that what they're doing can't use the default setting somewhere that they left alone. Only you know what you're doing, and it can be amazingly hard to tell someone else, so YOU need to know what's going on and make it work for you.

Media production is inherently technical. Learn to think that way, or get someone local to do it for you.