How to set up OBS, zoom, audio monitor and nvidia broadcast?


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I'm having a hard time getting audio working properly.
Here's what I have so far:

Nvidia broadcast audio settings:
-- Audio output: My headphones (Realtek Digital Optical Output)
-- Microphone source: Microphone (Yeti Stereo Microphone)

Zoom audio settings (I'm using virtual audio cables)
-- Microphone: Cable-A output (VB-Audio Cable A)
-- Speaker: Cable-B input (VB-Audio Cable B)

OBS Audio settings:
I think everything is default settings except:
-- Desktop Audio: Cable-B input (VB-Audio Cable B)
-- "Disable Windows audio ducking" is checked

When I create a scene, I add Nvidia Broadcast as a video capture device, and in its settings I check the "Use custom audio device" check box, then choose "Microphone (NVIDIA Broadcast)" as the "Audio Device".

In the "Audio Mixer" I see audio levels for:
-- "Desktop Audio"
-- "Nvidia broadcast"

The "Desktop Audio" indicator is registering for a remote zoom session I put next to my TV in the other room, but I can't hear it in my headphones. The indicator is active with the green bar moving up and down.

The "Nvidia broadcast" indicator is likewise moving when I speak into my microphone, but it isn't registering in my remote zoom session in the other room.

Now, if I use the "Audio Monitor" plugin and add an audio monitor filter to "Nividia broadcast" with "Device" set to "Cable-A Input (VB-Audio Cable A)", I do get sound from my microphone to the remote zoom session, but I also hear myself talking in my headphones, which makes it very confusing. I haven't found a way to get sound to the remote zoom session without hearing myself in my headphones.

As far as being able to hear people in zoom meetings I'm hosting, I'm receiving their audio (the "Desktop Audio" meter in the Audio Mixer is moving), but not hearing it in my headphones. Do I have to put an audio monitor on the "Desktop Audio" meter as well?

Also, I notice that when I play a youtube video, I hear sound in my headphones but the "Desktop Audio" meter in the Audio Mixer shows no activity. So what does the Desktop Audio meter in OBS actually source?

Sorry for the lengthy post, but I wanted to describe my situation as completely as possible.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.