RTMP Stream Stops Working on Some Machines


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I have a very simple setup. I'm using OBS to combine the feeds from my built-in webcam and from an Amcrest IP cam (via RTMP, static IP) into a single scene. I'm using the virtual camera and using that for Zoom.

I had the scene working. I shared it with three other machines (having to adjust the scenes slightly in order to select the built-in webcam on each machine). I had it working on every machine--the webcam feed combined with the RTMP feed, vitual cam to Zoom.

Recently, this setup has stopped working on some of the machines. Some of the machines will not show/receive the RTMP feed from my IP cam. I'm not sure what happened. Nothing seems to be wrong with the RTMP stream, as I can view it in VLC. Some of the machines can still view the RTMP feed.

Where should I start to resolve this? Any ideas on what it might be?

Many thanks,