1. K

    Help with Custom RTMP URL and KEY

    Hey everyone, I'm streaming to a site that gave me a weird URL and Streamkey, Im trying to figure out how to get my url and key out of it. I don't want to post the whole thing in this forum, but I'll add a portion of both. Does anyone know how OBS parses this for the key so I can populate it...
  2. R

    Media (stream) Source not reconnecting

    Hi. Im trying a setup where I have a remove RTMP-server (nginx with rtmp-module) that a remove provider streams to. The RTMP-server make as HLS-stream available that I'm using in OBS. The thing is; this remote provider stops the stream every time they have a break, typically from 10 to 45...
  3. L

    Issue with FFmpeg and Facebook

    Hey all, recently I have been following this guide: https://obsproject.com/forum/resources/obs-studio-stream-to-multiple-platforms-or-channels-at-once.932/ And everything within it seems to work alright, but I have an issue where trying to stream to Facebook using FFmpeg it does not work at...
  4. ewat

    SRT/RTMP to OBS Source from Larix Broadcaster

    Hey there! So I've read about 20 forum posts dating from 2015 to now which all have people asking the question "How do I use RTMP as a source for OBS" and most of them are looking to either: 1) Collect one or more RTMP sources on their local network and use them as a source on OBS or 2) Set up...
  5. aquarat

    Syncing Multiple H.264 Streams Automatically

    Hi I've been using a SlingStudio system, which apears to be a locked-down Linux box with a bunch of ARM-based HDMI->H.264 video encoders which attach to cameras. The system works well but it's very restrictive. I've been trying to replicate the SlingStudio system using OBS. The video sources...
  6. H

    Stream media source shows up in settings window, not in preview/program monitor

    Hi there, I am setting up a stream with a total of four participants - me locally, and the three others are actually running OBS locally, streaming to me across the internet. I have set up an nginx+rtmp server using Docker locally. Firewall ok. I can stream to it both using the local IP on my...
  7. S

    RTMP sources have significant delay

    Using OBS with 3 Hikvision ip cameras. All of them can show realtime video (up to 100ms delay at most) in Internet Explorer, however OBS captures video from these RTMP sources with various delays (current version, 25.0.8 has 1200ms, earlier versions varied between 350ms and 1100ms, all of them...
  8. M

    Media Source Audio Crashing RTMP source

    I'm encountering serious issues with RTMP audio when switching scenes. The audio glitches out or stops completely sometimes when switching to a scene with an RTMP Media Source. I've found that hiding the visibility doesn't always fix the issue and I'm usually forced to remove the source...
  9. Kopiás Csaba


    Hey all! In the past months I've researched quite a lot of stuff around broadcasting with OBS, and I have tried quite a lot of things out. I decided to compile them into a documentation repository, along with my scripts and resources that I have created too. Are you intrested in creating an...
  10. Dapperstache

    Question / Help RMTP send errors 10054, 10038

    I tried the suggestions: -changing servers Tried several different servers on restream and a couple on twitch. -Try lowering bitrate 6000-8000. Hypothetically, I could stream in 4k, given that I have Google Fiber, but Twitch obviously caps this. -Don't stream over wireless I don't. Try another...
  11. T

    Question / Help Issues when adding RTMP source

    Im new to OBS and having problem to add RTMP as source in OBS on my Mac. The setup i need is 3 sources, all of them is a iPhone/iPad on 4G with RTMP compatible camera apps installed as input into my OBS so i can switch between them when they interview people at different locations. I have an...
  12. M

    OBS Studio: Stream to multiple platforms or channels at once

    Before you read, please note that this is only useful if a third party service like https://restream.io doesn't suit your needs. Also, some of the more complicated setups might require a good understanding of command-line FFmpeg. If you need help for your specific setup, ping Nakajima...
  13. dististik

    Question / Help RTMP send error 10054 over USB tether

    I have an odd issue I don't quite understand happening with OBS. When I try to stream over a tether to my phone via USB, the stream will be fine for a short time and then suddenly disconnect. After stopping the stream my phone's USB cable disconnects then reconnects. I know this is an issue with...
  14. Thomas1234

    Bug Report OBS failed to connect to server with custom LB and RTMP

    We have built customer LB in front of our RTMP server, whenever user start streaming from OBS tool this LB will create new VM for him and allow the user to Stream. Right now our custom LB is taking 40 seconds time to spin up the RTMP server. Since LB is taking 40 seconds, the OBS tool is giving...
  15. B

    Question / Help Streaming from VLC application into OBS?

    I would like to build a shell recipe in which the output of the video window is sent into OBS directly. It is an edge case and I am aware of the OBS "VLC playback" function but it doesn't fully suit my needs in terms of playlist editing and subtitle display. The configuration is also tricky for...
  16. J

    Question / Help Accept invitations from Instagram live

    I'm currently running OBS and Yellow Duck so I can stream to Instagram Live, but want to be able to invite a friend's Instagram account to the stream, thus ending up with a split screen between the two of us for the viewer.
  17. T

    Question / Help RTMP: MP: Failed to open media

    Hi everyone, I got a little problem with switching scens and activating a RTMP Source. It looks like the RTMP Stream is not ready when the source activats. If I edit the source it will start the rtmp source after 1-10 seconds. Any ideas? OSB 24.0.3 - Windows + nginx Gryphon Edit...
  18. M

    Question / Help Unable to view my rtmp stream in vlc or flash player but can stream to other services

    I played around with nginx and rtmp module on win32. I can stream from obs studio to nginx and from nginx to services like youtube, twitch and facebook. I also downloaded 2 repositories and tried to embed my stream in a webpage https://github.com/illuspas/nginx-rtmp-win32...
  19. G

    Question / Help Is there any way to reconnect to an RTMP if the connection is lost

    I am currently streaming from the street, with a gopro7 and I issue an RTMP that I created on my computer, in some moments the connection is lost. Is there any way to make my OBS reconnect the RTMP when it is active again? I currently have it added as a VLC Source.
  20. greektv

    Question / Help Streaming RTMP interlaced SD

    Hi All. I'm feeding OBS a live video source in NTSC 480i (interlaced) Standard Definition, Encoding in H.264 NVENC, and streaming to RTMP server to be received by IPTV streaming players. The issue is that the HLS feed, say from our Roku TV channel, is not interlacing. I see combing effect even...