1. C

    Question / Help Need help to get video pushed from phone by RTMP to obs, then instagram!

    I had an idea to live stream my bike rides with a GoPro to instagram. To do this, I have a program that can read footage from a USB camera and can push the feed to RTMP. I also found a method online to stream OBS to instagram. So right now, I have my cam set up and connected to my RTMP (through...
  2. deltasierra

    Question / Help Two Guys One Stream

    Hi all, wondering what's best practice these days in regards to having two machines stream to a single Twitch account. A buddy and I are looking for a setup where we have both our facecams in opposite corners and can switch between each our game screens. All to be fed to Twitch as a single...
  3. D

    Question / Help Access OBS output stream from remote website

    Currently OBS source is an RTSP source from Geovision and im trying to output the stream to Mp4 or RTMP then pickup that stream in a wordpress page. Anyone have any ideas how i could access my OBS stream from a remote website?
  4. E

    Question / Help Windows gaming PC won't connect to Linux streaming PC with NGINX

    -Stream pc is connected to internet only through lan connection to gaming pc. I tested that and the internet works -Stream pc has nginx server up and running (the welcome to nginx page can be reached from either pc) -Both computers have obs installed Stream PC is running Ubuntu 16.04 Gaming PC...
  5. W

    Question / Help 20-70% dropped frames during stream, tried every solution I could think of, just recently started doing this.

    Hello, as the title suggests I have a large amounts of dropped frames. I haven't attempted to stream in months but now I came back and it is doing this to me. I am running a prostar laptop with a gtx 1080 with an i7 8700k with 32gb 2400mhz ram, using ethernet and my speedtest speeds are running...