Stream media source shows up in settings window, not in preview/program monitor


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Hi there,

I am setting up a stream with a total of four participants - me locally, and the three others are actually running OBS locally, streaming to me across the internet. I have set up an nginx+rtmp server using Docker locally. Firewall ok. I can stream to it both using the local IP on my home network, and my public IP.

(We're doing real time voice communication using another system, that is how we all hear each other during the stream)

So I am on OBS Studio 25.0.8 on my streaming rig. I also have a laptop on the same LAN with the same version, just used for testing. When I stream from it the media source I set up works fine - I get image and audio in the main OBS setup.

However, one of my co-participants is on Windows 7, so to be sure it would work, he went with a slightly older version - OBS Studio 25.0.4. He sets up the stream using the wizard and my public IP. When he starts streaming, I get audio from him, but no video in neither Preview nor Program monitor. Strange. So I go into the scene where his media source is defined, double click it - and in the "Properties for 'Stream - User 2'" window that pops up, I see him!

I have tried with "Restart playback when source becomes active" both on and off, it doesn't seem to make a difference. I'm not sure what is the best setting but it does not seem to matter. Network Buffering is set to 2MB if it matters.

How can I let him escape the settings window so I can actually re-stream his video in my "main" stream?

The last two participants will be using Windows 10 and hence OBS Studio 25.0.8, but they are not online yet so this is not yet tested.

Since I can see his image in the properties window I assume we can disregard any firewall issues and similar - the video IS coming in, it just doesn't show up where I want it to...

In the scene there is nothing in front of it, the video isn't offscreen. There are some scaling transforms but apart from that very little differs from the defaults.

Log file here:

He starts streaming at approximately 16:50 local time in the log file. I switch back and forth and do a lot of testing in the minutes following that to see if I can figure out where the video went.

Any ideas? Suggestions greatly appreciated!