obs 25.0.8

  1. cseliteGT

    Error when recording in Quicksync OBS 26.0.2

    The error did not occur in the OBS version 25.0.8 Here images and logs of what happened.
  2. E

    OBS Studio crash at change the scene

    Hi! After I start the OBS Studio and change the scene to some Window capture scene or create it is crashing. I tried with the 25.0.8 and 26.0 RC3 versions and all are showing me the same crash. Here are the logs attached.
  3. G

    Failed to initialize video. Your GPU may not be supported, or your graphics drivers may need to be updated.

    I get the error posted in the title when trying to launch the 64-bit version of OBS, the 32 bit version launches just fine. I updated to 25.0.8 right before this happened. Error message: Failed to initialize video. Your GPU may not be supported, or your graphics drivers may need to be updated...
  4. Robertjm

    No audio captured from mp4 video played in ProPresenter 7

    Hi all, I'm trying to capture an mp4 video being fed from ProPresenter 7 on a networked MacBook Pro. The visual component comes through just fine. However, there is no sound. When I play the source material within ProPresenter 7 there is definitely sound there. Within my Audio Mixer I have an...
  5. OXygen

    OBS: encoding overloaded when recording in 2K

    Hello. I have a problem with my OBS. Every time I record a video in 2K resolution (2560x1440), OBS says that encoding is overloaded, even if I have the lowest possible output settings. BUT when I record my videos in FullHD, there is no lag at all, even at high settings. Here are my usual...
  6. A

    Wrong colors when recording, but only in Eclipse

    Hey, I am currently trying to record/stream Eclipse, but noticed the Colors are off. In the preview, the colors seem to be correct, but once the video is recorded and I open the file, the colors are "washed out". It doesn't matter which mode I select when using Window-Capture and the colors are...
  7. P

    Issues with OBS Studio 25.0.8 and the Megaman X Legacy Collection?

    Good morning, I just bought the Megaman X Legacy Collection and I am having a weird issue trying to stream it with OBS. The only info I found about it said that OBS had issues with it and XSplit worked better but I don't want to go and try to set up XSplit. The game starts to stutter and have...
  8. E

    My mic isnt showing up?

    So i have a RIG Headset with a Microphone attached to it. I wanted to select that mic in Settings<Audio<devices. I looked but there wasnt any mic, only from the laptop. Here is the Log file if that helps: https://obsproject.com/logs/_gx9YwB5f3R9DmRk
  9. A

    Obs studio NO reconoce mi GTX 1660 super, no esta la opcion de NVENC H 2.64

    No se porque obs no reconoce mi placa de video GTX 1660 super, tengo todos los drivers actualizados pero sigue sin aparecer la opcion NVENC H 2.64, solo esta la x264. ayuida no se que mas hacer.
  10. S

    Since l updated to OBS 25.0.8 it crashes

    Hi, I am streaming for many years and I am cautious with updates. In April (2 months ago) I updated to version 25.0.8 and it started to crash. 2 Main error messages are: Oops, OBS crashed! And a Memory error. Is there are stable version to roll back to? I am running a Dual PC setup...
  11. H

    Stream media source shows up in settings window, not in preview/program monitor

    Hi there, I am setting up a stream with a total of four participants - me locally, and the three others are actually running OBS locally, streaming to me across the internet. I have set up an nginx+rtmp server using Docker locally. Firewall ok. I can stream to it both using the local IP on my...
  12. M

    Question / Help Many laggs in record

    Hi Guys, I need your help, I have the latest OBS version, but my mine force recordings and the game itself are jerky and lagging. I have a Radeon Veage graphics card AMD, but I cannot find the graphics card in the settings, how can I get rid of the Laggs? Hallo Leute, ich brauche eure Hilfe...
  13. Protonz

    Question / Help OBS records in poor quality (NVIDIA doesn't work) any help?

    I've been trying to get into OBS and I have tried multiple ways to try and increase quality in my recordings as everything looks very pixelated and in poor quality. Looking around I have seen that the optimal solution would be to switch your encoder to NVIDIA but however when I try to do this a...
  14. F

    Question / Help Hi ,help pls.

    when i am streaming or recording a video for ONLY Video games , everything what should be green on stream or video it shows like a black color , i don't know why , if you know how to solve this problem pls help
  15. I

    Question / Help OBS recorded videos doesnt load or work

    I am sorry if there is an identical thread. I have been researching for a couple of minutes and still cant find a thread relating to my issue. I recently installed OBS a couple of days ago. I tried recording a footage to see if it works, and all the videos I recorded was black screen in VLC and...
  16. M

    Question / Help NVENC H.264 is not available in OBS settings dropdown

    HI All, I have Dell XPS i7 8th Gen Windows 10 Home 64bit laptop. I have trouble recording my screen using OBS. I get an error message when i start recording. After some research, i tried to change the NVENC H.264 from settings in OBS but, i do not see that option in the dropdown itself. Is...