No audio captured from mp4 video played in ProPresenter 7


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Hi all,

I'm trying to capture an mp4 video being fed from ProPresenter 7 on a networked MacBook Pro.

The visual component comes through just fine. However, there is no sound. When I play the source material within ProPresenter 7 there is definitely sound there.

Within my Audio Mixer I have an NDI Source bar, which is not muted, and is set to 0db. When playing the video within ProPresenter 7 there is no activity visible.

Source computer: 2015 MacBook Pro 13" running macOS Catalina NDI 4.9 installed
OBS computer: 2020 MacBook Pro 13" running macOS Catalina


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According to PP7 support "At this time the audio playback through NDI is not available the team is working on this for a future update."
This was very disappointing to hear since the main reason I purchased ProPresenter7 was their supposed embedded NDI workflow. They failed to mention that Audio was not yet available.

Currently I would have to load the video to both the ProPresenter 7 computer and the Streaming computer and Play the video on both while simultaneously muting the Audio from the mixer. Instead I feed PP7 computer audio into the streaming computer via a USB mixer, and let audio and video be out of sync in the live stream. I then go back in post production and edit the video into the file prior to posting on demand content.


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Thanks for the response Ron. I found that unfortunate fact out a couple of days ago. :-(

Since we don't really do much in the way of video in our services I'll just apt for playing a second copy on my video computer, and then switching sources when it comes time for the regular video capture from the camera.

Hope they figure it out soon!!