ndi 4.9.0

  1. S

    Frame drops when using OBS

    Hey everyone, first time posting here and I'm out of options. To give a bit of background I've been using OBS 27 and the NDI plugin to stream using two machines for a while now and they work perfectly. A few days ago I updated my OBSs to 28 as well as my NDI to 4.10, however, the audio output...
  2. JokerM

    PC NDI source detected but no streaming is received

    My PC can detect my laptop and iPad NDI sources, but not showing anything (blank). But my laptop can detect and receive and showing the stream from PC and iPad. Both are OBS 27.0.1 (64 bit) and OBS-NDI 4.9.0. I checked the Windows Defender Firewall, OBS is allowed to communicate via private and...
  3. A

    NDI HX Capture isn't streaming to OBS

    So, I'm not a developer or engineer or any kind of that stuff, but here is what's happening. Basically I've bought the NDI HX Capture iOS app to broadcast my iPhone screen (to stream a game) and it is not receiving the image, but supposedly is recieving audio because it shows in the audio mixer...
  4. ricardoteixxeira

    NDI issue with Microsoft Teams

    I've tried to do a straming with OBS (NDI plugin) and Microsoft Teams. I've followed all the steps to allow NDI on Teams and it shows is running. But when I go to OBS and try to add a new Source > NDI I'm not able to choose anything from MS Teams. The MS Teams even appear there. When I try with...
  5. imzloki

    obs NDI make crash OBS

    hello, i use NDI plugins for a year. two week ago i formatted my pc and reinstalled obs. when i run obs it work, but when i run it with plugin installed, it crash. i tried different version of OBS and different version of NDI plugin, but always crash. thank for help. =)
  6. S

    OBS 26.0.2 Crash on NDI input + virtual webcam + VB cable

    We are using obs to switch two NDI sources (using websockets and compagnion) and output these to the build in virtual webcam. This runs for a variable time and then obs crashes without any interaction from the user. Please see attached my crash report and logs. Crash log reported...
  7. H

    Dual Mac OBS NDI Stutter/Lag Audio/Visual Issue

    Hey team, I've hit a wall recently in my attempts to troubleshoot this problem. I'm getting really weird and random audio and visual glitches every now and then, no clear pattern or anything to them. Basically some of the visual stuff might freeze temporarily and other times it's audio that...
  8. T

    OBS-NDI on Ubuntu Server

    Hello all! This is my first time posting so if I am missed any rules do let me know kindly thank you. I am trying to get OBS-NDI to stream from my client laptop to Ubuntu Server. I have experimented installing OBS w/ NDI plugin on Pop-OS before with success and was willing to try installing it...
  9. Robertjm

    No audio captured from mp4 video played in ProPresenter 7

    Hi all, I'm trying to capture an mp4 video being fed from ProPresenter 7 on a networked MacBook Pro. The visual component comes through just fine. However, there is no sound. When I play the source material within ProPresenter 7 there is definitely sound there. Within my Audio Mixer I have an...
  10. R

    NDI Plugin Error in OBS Studio 20.0.8 (x64)

    Bug Ndi In Obs Studio 20.0.8 (x64) for Windows 7 Professional (X64) NDI does not start Hello OBS staff. I'm using windows 7 Professional (x64) with all updates ok, trying to use the NDI plugin in OBS Studio version 20.0.8 (x64) without success. By downloading the plugin (NDI) version 4.9.0 and...
  11. C

    NDI doesn't find my gaming pc

    Hi, i installed obs and NDI in 2 PCs for streaming from the slow one. I did all the things that the guide said and the slow computer can't actually find my gaming pc. What should i do?