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Bug Ndi In Obs Studio 20.0.8 (x64) for Windows 7 Professional (X64)

NDI does not start

Hello OBS staff. I'm using windows 7 Professional (x64) with all updates ok, trying to use the NDI plugin in OBS Studio version 20.0.8 (x64) without success. By downloading the plugin (NDI) version 4.9.0 and installing with its respective dependency of (NDI 4 Runtime) version 4.5.1 (x64). After opening OBS and setting it to "Tools"> Active "MAIN, NDI Output" it returns an error message and closes the program. I believe it is a matter of x86 incompatibility with x64. I'm forwarding the error log and a screenshot of the screen so that someone can evaluate it. Thank you

Log Error: https://obsproject.com/logs/YnOzjjYkB19SKaQG


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