media source

  1. N

    RTSP camera into OBS - stream URL advice

    Hope this might help someone who is experiencing the same problem I had. Long story short, the character between the Username and Password in your rtsp URL needs to be a COLON and not a FULL-STOP. Thus: "rtsp://(U):(P)@192.XXX.X.XX:8554/profile0" Now read on for the back story if you want! ;-)...
  2. I

    Unable to hear sound alerts and media sources suddenly

    About a week ago I stopped hearing my Alerts for new followers, subs, etc. and all of my media sources, though they were still getting picked up in stream and my chat can hear it fine. I went into advanced audio properties and turned everything to monitor off, then back to monitor and output and...
  3. C

    Media Playlist Source 0.0.4

    Media Playlist Source Introduction An OBS Plugin that serves as an alternative to VLC Video Source. It uses the Media Source internally. Features Allows editing the playlist without restarting the video, even if files are reordered. Allows editing any setting without restarting the video...
  4. G

    Camera OK, but Preview slow to access Media Source, then lags and freezes

    I have a Barlus Underwater Camera. The live video looks terrific when monitoring through the VMS software used to control and configure the camera. However, when selecting the camera as a Source in OBS, it takes maybe 10 seconds for the Preview to display the video. Then, after video is finally...
  5. O

    Network Stream in Media Source disconnects after a few days

    Hello, I am using a network stream (Shoutcast live stream ) in a Media Source and it disconnects after a few days (I haven't timed it exactly), it just stops receiving the audio stream. I have it set to reconnect (Reconnect Delay) set at 10 seconds, but it either doesn't reconnect automatically...
  6. A

    Can't hear my medias after installing vb-cable

    Hi, in order to stream on streamyard I needed to have the same voice effect that I have when I record on OBS. To do that, I installed vb-cable and set it as an output and this works properly (here is the tutorial I followed ) Now the problem...
  7. C

    OBS v28 Media source auto resize black areas

    Hi, got an issue with the media source feature after version 28 update.... before v28 i had to format every video to the same size in order to avoid auto resize, but now it seams to be doing it automatically by cutting of black areas on some videos.... how can i fix this? its quite annoying....
  8. RatZePum

    audio monitoring - stops randomly

    Hi obs'ler, i tried to start a mp3 file via mediaquery on changing to my pause and end scene (looping: on). Turned monitoring on, so it will be transfered to me and my desktop audio, so the stream can hear it too. Problem: The monitoring stops after random amount of seconds between 0-40...
  9. F

    VLC media source broken ?

    Hi, since last monday i can't get any image in obs from a vlc source. I have tried on 2 different computers and tried downgrading versions on both obs and vlc. Nothing worked. I updated my nvidia pilots to the latest version and nothing either. Any idea ?
  10. B

    Issue with Media source playing

    I have a media source (audio file) that plays when I switch to a specific scene. Problem is, when it plays, both through normal playback and while streaming, I get a popping and almost choppy disruption throughout it. The file plays fine outside of OBS, WMP works normally. Could it be some...
  11. R

    How to loop through 16K res videos that VLC source can't play?

    Hello, I use OBS' 'projector preview' output to display videos on a merged projector system. The VLC source (and VLC by itself outside of OBS) won't play these videos because I assume they have such a strange resolution ~(15,000 x 1000). The inbuilt 'media source' can though. Not sure why...
  12. C

    Media source not working with an RSTP IP Cam

    I have an RSTP IP camera working just fine, namely with VLC: rtsp:// But I couldn’t get it work in OBS using a “Media Source” source. Yes, as a workaround I know I can use a “VLC Video Source” instead. But I still would like to...
  13. M

    Media Sources Play Back At Wrong Framerate Randomly

    I've been having an issue with version 27.1.3. I am 100% sure it wasn't happening on an older version I was using, but I also skipped a few versions so I couldn't tell you exactly when it started. I have a number of media sources (mostly video and webm transparent video) that run concurrently...
  14. R

    Webcam and Media Sources (High GPU % Usage) "HELP"

    Ok, so the problem I'm encountering is that when I have my "Webcam" and "Media Source (my overlay)" enabled, its starts chowing my GPU percentage indicated in the below image. I've read up quite a bit about it and I know why, because it needs to render frames etc etc. I want to know if there is...
  15. yuntian

    Urgent help

    14:20:13.223: [Media Source 'media source']: settings: 14:20:13.223: input: rtmp://。。。。。。。。 14:20:13.223: input_format: 14:20:13.223: speed: 100 14:20:13.223: is_looping: no 14:20:13.223: is_hw_decoding: no...
  16. B

    Known-good IP camera was fine as OBS Media Source, then mysteriously stopped working.

    I have an IP camera that's an old Android 4.4 phone running the "IP Webcam" app (IP Webcam - Apps on Google Play). The Android app is rock-steady, and its output is accessible on all my PCs by multiple programs, and also on my phone. For several weeks it has worked reliably as an OBS Media...
  17. M

    Sources activate simultaneously

    Hi. I'm trying to implement a browser source to instant replay kills, my desire here is to make a media source activate whenever the browser source activates with the instant replay. I don't know if this is even possible, but I'm being hopeful :D I hope someone can help me.
  18. T

    Is there a way to play videos one after another? (Without using the VLC media source)

    I have created a 5 minute countdown and at the very end I have made the video open up with an alpha channel revealing the streamer. For obvious file size reasons I don't want to have to render the whole 5 minute video with an alpha channel to only be used at the very end. I noticed that you can...
  19. D

    media source help

    I have homework to make a video and I chose OBS (ovi) and I want to know how to play media sources at the same time thank i really need help
  20. C

    media source glitching

    Hello, I am new to OBS and to the streaming platform. I had created a media source, a short 24 second loop to play before our church service starts. The video seems to glitch and the audio is cutting in and out. When we live stream then I don't seem to have that problem. Can someone please help...