audio monitoring - stops randomly


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Hi obs'ler,

i tried to start a mp3 file via mediaquery on changing to my pause and end scene (looping: on).
Turned monitoring on, so it will be transfered to me and my desktop audio, so the stream can hear it too.

The monitoring stops after random amount of seconds between 0-40 seconds and sporadically starts if new loop run hits.
If i reconfigure the monitoring while its down, it works again for a random time period.
While the monitoring is not running properly the sound-bar shows full activity.
When it stops, there is a little *krrr* sound for a millisecond. Like pulling an aux cable out of an running sound system.

Other implementations like mp4 files for screen-animation running perfectly.
Desktop-Audio: My Headphone. Monitoring Gear: My Headphones.


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The mp3 is at 48 khz too? Have you set a max length for the mediaquery?
Can you please show the code and a log file when the issue happens. It's needed a 30 seconds or more streaming/recording test doing all what you normally do.