bug audio

  1. E

    Persistent Audio Signal Loss Issue in OBS on macOS

    Hello, I would like to report an issue I am experiencing with the OBS application on macOS. I use OBS to record the system audio of my MacBook Pro with an Apple M2 Pro processor and macOS Sonoma 14.4.1 operating system. However, I have noticed a recurring abnormal behavior. The issue manifests...
  2. J

    External Microphone sounds so bad. Was completely fine on my last laptop

    Hi there, I have a Samson Q2U and worked completely fine on my old Acer laptop. I now have a Flow x16 (2023). Tried to record through OBS studio with the same setting as my last laptop but it sounds horrible. Audio was muffled and sounded like a cheap webcam microphone. I read a few posts...
  3. T

    OBS Studio broke my bluetooth earphones!

    Hi, first post in here. I've been trying to start recording videos for a dev blog but i have bluetooth earphones, i've read the problems OBS have with them and how to solve it, which i couldn't try because the first time opening the software while having them connected, silence. I moved the...
  4. OwlCacone

    Application Audio Capture not capturing on OBS re-launch

    The AAC sources that I use for a lot of my apps do not get captured after re-launching OBS, unless I go into the properties of each source and change either the capture method (capture same type/executable) or change the application being captured. This is especially frustrating as I have...
  5. M

    High pitched sound that doesn't stop when opening the app

    My OBS have a problem that I can't solve. When I open it, a high pitched sound starts, and none of the audio configs solves the problem. What do I need to do? I already re-instaled the app, but it doesn't solved the bug
  6. P

    Audio Monitoring Bug

    I am trying to set up OBS to record my game audio and my microphone audio separately to save me quite a bit of difficulty during the editing process however, when I go to the audio monitoring settings and change the microphone to "monitor only (mute output)" it's not actually muting the output...
  7. B

    7.1 audio wont import to almost anything

    so i have a 7.1 setup with an onkyo 6100 if i record it in obs nothing will import the tracks just leaves the audio gone. the only thing i find can play it is vlc. but if i swap to 5.1 it works fine everywhere i think there is something wrong with 7.1 recording its working but not in most things...
  8. v.L.A.D

    Audio Output Capture becomes inactive in studio mode

    Audio Output Capture becomes inactive when in studio mode. Reproduction steps: Open OBS and switch out of "Studio Mode". Make new scene. Add a Audio Output Capture to the scene Notice that it appears in the Audio Mixer Switch to "Studio Mode" Notice that the Audio Output Capture is no longer in...
  9. soyfacuh


    A few days ago, out of nowhere obs starts coming out and doesn't respond. Then I saw that there was an update, when I updated to the latest version that "Not responding" became a loss of kb, that is, from 3000kb assigned it went to 0kb (with the green box). I waited a few seconds, everything...
  10. R


    Audio input tascam us16x08 can't connected to OBS fix this bug please
  11. DCODE5

    No me funciona la opción de audio Monitorización y salida.

    Estoy ajustando un nuevo micro y al activar la opción monitorización y salida no me escucho. Hay alguna forma de arreglaro?
  12. RatZePum

    audio monitoring - stops randomly

    Hi obs'ler, i tried to start a mp3 file via mediaquery on changing to my pause and end scene (looping: on). Turned monitoring on, so it will be transfered to me and my desktop audio, so the stream can hear it too. Problem: The monitoring stops after random amount of seconds between 0-40...
  13. R

    Audio delay when switching scenes

    When switching scenes, the sound disappears with a slight delay. Video example. How can I get around/fix this problem?
  14. T

    Microphone audio cracking when using ENC-enabled USB Headset mic.

    I use a Jabra Evolve 30 II ms USB headset for all my video meetings on almost every application. When I tried using it as my default mic for OBS, I discovered that OBS is not fully compatible with the environmental noise cancellation protocol built into the headset mic. Every time I record a...
  15. L

    Win Capture Audio plugin bug

    When capturing sound with this plugin, in some applications there is a very strange buggy sound. Is there any way to fix this?
  16. V

    Muffled sound on recording. And only good when audio driver is turned off. Possibly a bug.

    I am tinkering here for more then 6 hours already and i am extremely frustrated and exhausted. https://obsproject.com/logs/ZW46T-mawVV7BBoz In detail: I spent alot of time trying all the types of settings, a billon of googling. And nothing worked, no matter the OBS/Windows settings the sound is...
  17. P

    Stinger Audio Freeze on Stream?

    so a question with stingers, everytime i use one to transition, on the stream itself it makes a loud noise, like the very beginning of the stinger audio freezing for a second before the actual transition happens. the actual video output is normal it just makes this noise right before it visually...
  18. Q

    My Mic has a noticable buzzing sound only when I'm Streaming, using Noise Suppresion filter makes it weird.

    I'm new to streaming and got my first proper mic with a ghost power supply and everything, I've tested it before streaming by recording myself and it sounded fine. But, I noticed after watching a few of my vods back that my mic has this noticeable buzzing sound only when I'm streaming, but when...
  19. H

    Sound loop from game

    Hi, straight to the point. I have a sound loop on the stream. It is from the game. The recording works fine and captures the sound as it should. But it is the sound broadcast from the game that is looped. I tried everything I could. I don't watch my stream in the browser, I use headphones, and...
  20. vsbmeza

    Enabling VOD Track causes LIVE audio to stutter

    I've been using the vod track feature since it was released. Since I've upgraded to v27, if it's on then people watching the stream live experience stutters in the master audio while the recorded vod doesn't have any of that. Does anyone else have this? I've submitted a proper big report here...