bug audio

  1. PartTimeChris

    Audio Meters Bug?

    Hey everyone, I'm having an issue with my audio meters in OBS. When I have the mixer docked all my audio meters run at like 20 fps. It's running so slow it's hard to see where my audio is hitting inside the meter. BUT if I undock the mixer everything runs fine at 60 fps again. Not sure how or...
  2. P

    [Worst BUG] Desktop audio doesn't work when the device disconnect or change

    Worst bug for me, latest obs and even older versions, when I open obs (with desktop audio set on default) with speakers and I connect Bluetooth headphones (and changed on windows volume) it will remain on speakers, even if I try to change manually on obs, I need to restart obs to switch device...
  3. S

    Audio mixer

    HI, not sure if it's the good place for this, im a bit lost in here. Here's my problem: basically, my audio in/out of my hedset always active. Even if its disconnected or if i put it invisible in the source panel, i've tried to delete the source but its still it the mixing audio panel. ITS...