My Mic has a noticable buzzing sound only when I'm Streaming, using Noise Suppresion filter makes it weird.


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I'm new to streaming and got my first proper mic with a ghost power supply and everything, I've tested it before streaming by recording myself and it sounded fine. But, I noticed after watching a few of my vods back that my mic has this noticeable buzzing sound only when I'm streaming, but when I'm recording there were no issues at all. The problem appears a few minutes into the stream, roughly 10 minutes in that it really starts to be noticeable and never goes away. As a temporary fix, I've put a noise suppression filter on it, but that makes it every time I speak it doubles itself. I've tried to fix either the mic or the filter, haven't been successful with either of them.

I've tried every fix I could find either by going to windows and turn on noise suppression there or just fiddling around with filters. I have a fairly good streaming pc, so I doubt it's a hardware problem. Does anyone have any experience with this problem? It's been bugging me ever since and I don't want to live with my mic sounding scuffed.

Log file if this helps, I guess? =