Microphone audio cracking when using ENC-enabled USB Headset mic.


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I use a Jabra Evolve 30 II ms USB headset for all my video meetings on almost every application. When I tried using it as my default mic for OBS, I discovered that OBS is not fully compatible with the environmental noise cancellation protocol built into the headset mic. Every time I record a video with mic audio, I find my voice cracking intermittently in the output video. I tried and tested a lot of changes with settings and filters, but this issue wouldn't be resolved. I noticed that in a test scene if I use no element except the headset mic, the issue still exists. Thus this is an OBS bug that creates issues with my headset's built-in ENC.

The temporary solution as I have discovered is to start the OBS Studio app fresh after an exit before a streaming or recording session. This way, there is no audio issue.

I request the developers to address this bug in future updates soon, please.
Thank You.