Media Source Audio Crashing RTMP source


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I'm encountering serious issues with RTMP audio when switching scenes. The audio glitches out or stops completely sometimes when switching to a scene with an RTMP Media Source. I've found that hiding the visibility doesn't always fix the issue and I'm usually forced to remove the source completely and add it again but it's not a reliable workaround. Also restarting obs isnt an option bc of real life streaming. The bars are moving in the mixer but there is no output to the stream... i can hear through monitoring but it doesnt stream the audio. Can someone help me pls?

Damien Paul

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I'm encountering the same problem. Even with additional audio sources (like talking through a mic over the RTMP media source), the audio comes through as silent or choppy, where you can hear a millisecond of audio come through every few seconds. If I switch to a scene without that media source, audio works normally, but switching back will trigger the issue again.

The only workaround I've found is removing the media source and recreating a new media source for the RTMP stream. This obviously looks pretty bad when it happens live. I usually have to go to a hold screen scene or some other scene and stall while I recreate the scene witht eh glitched out RTMP.

Tomasz Góral

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This is old problems, also comes with Avermedia, BlackMagic cards.
Sound routing in OBS working correct if everything is ok, the problems start when sync is lost (eg card driver error), the listening session is ok, but the audio data sync part crashes.
The only solution I found was to remove the problem item and add it again.
This problem has been around for several years (2014).