1. Krahazik

    OBS Error - Stream Failed to Start

    Spontaneous error. My main desktop has developed a complete inability to stream. I cannot figure out what is wrong, and the logs are useless to me. I get the exact same error 100% of the time. NOTE - I have an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Super video card. My Video Drivers are the current...
  2. C

    Problema de desconexion y conexion al transmitir con OBS en Facebook y Twitter

    Hola, instale el plugin Multiple RTMP para transmitir en Facebook y Twitter, configuré el OBS pero al momento de transmitir me salta un error de desconexión e inmediatamente se vuelve a conectar, así todo el rato, en bucle, por lo que la transmisión no se ve fluida, no se escucha y se traba...
  3. onetwobin

    make the mp4 file ( 360 degree) to rtmp stream

    I want to use obs to make rtmp stream, the used video file is 360 degree mp4 format. how do I set the settings, can make 360 degree mp4 to RTMP stream ?
  4. MurdoMaclachlan

    Cannot start stream: "rtmp_output" not found, failed to create "adv_stream"

    I'm using Slackware Current, which I recently installed. I was using OBS with Slackware 14.2 and it worked for a long time - that was version 21, the current version is 26.1.1. I get the following console log when trying to start the stream (I'm using the x264 encoder). 03:39:12 PM.455: Output...
  5. Y

    Unable to start streaming using OBS, error said "Output ID 'rtmp_output' not found"

    Unable to start streaming using OBS. When I try to start streaming, I get the following error message: [Failed to start output. Please check the log for details]. The version I am using is "25.0.0-rc1-3-ge99849e1(64 bit)". The reason I am using a past version is because the Mac OS I am using...
  6. Scla

    Stream output type 'rtmp_output' failed to start!

    Hello there! I'm having a really bad time with OBS Streaming on linux due to this error: Here's my encoder settings: Oddly enough, I can record with every encoder (including NVENC). Streaming is the only thing I can't do. I've attached the logs (the "upload logs" function it causing me issues...
  7. M

    Media Source Audio Crashing RTMP source

    I'm encountering serious issues with RTMP audio when switching scenes. The audio glitches out or stops completely sometimes when switching to a scene with an RTMP Media Source. I've found that hiding the visibility doesn't always fix the issue and I'm usually forced to remove the source...
  8. T

    Question / Help No Longer Able to Stream But I Can Record

    Hi I am having problems streaming on Linux. For what ever reason I am getting the dialogue box saying "Starting the output failed. Please check the log for details" "Note: if you are using the NVENC or AMD encoders, make sure your video drivers are up to date" I am using an AMD GPU with the...