Cannot start stream: "rtmp_output" not found, failed to create "adv_stream"


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I'm using Slackware Current, which I recently installed. I was using OBS with Slackware 14.2 and it worked for a long time - that was version 21, the current version is 26.1.1. I get the following console log when trying to start the stream (I'm using the x264 encoder).

03:39:12 PM.455: Output ID 'rtmp_output' not found
03:39:12 PM.455: Failed to create output 'adv_stream'!
03:39:12 PM.455: Output 'adv_stream': Tried to set a delay value on a non-encoded output
03:39:12 PM.455: Stream output type 'rtmp_output' failed to start!

As far as output settings go, rate control is CBR, bitrate is 2500, keyframe interval is 2, CPU usage preset is veryfast. If any further information's needed, I'm happy to provide. The full log is attached.


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