1. C

    Fixed my problem but need explanation

    Hi, I had problem with OBS, it recorded way too dark color saturation either in sdr or hdr. And it was only noticeable when playing the recording and not in the preview window. I tried a lot of thing from testing a lot of codec with a lot of encoder and all of the colorspace options. The...
  2. Z

    Minecraft recording problem

    theres a glitch when i try to record minecraft it doesnt show even if you use the obs way to fix it the gpu thing it still wont work? i found the solution its you just have to open obs as administrator then try recording minecraft now instead of the black screen you keep getting while recording...
  3. MurdoMaclachlan

    Cannot start stream: "rtmp_output" not found, failed to create "adv_stream"

    I'm using Slackware Current, which I recently installed. I was using OBS with Slackware 14.2 and it worked for a long time - that was version 21, the current version is 26.1.1. I get the following console log when trying to start the stream (I'm using the x264 encoder). 03:39:12 PM.455: Output...
  4. Boeschey

    Question / Help OBS AUDIO NOT WORKING - FIX (if you have Elgato capture card/software)

    I was messing with my computer to see why my Desktop audio wasn't registering in OBS. The problem had to do with the "Elgato Sound Capture" application disabling any desktop audio to be captured by OBS. Where I circled the picture, I made sure that all sources do not have a slash running through...
  5. E

    Question / Help MInecraft Lag when OBS is open

    Hey all, So my problem is this: just starting working with OBS to try and do some recording, all well and good. Sorted out the settings, that was all fine. But when I went to play some Minecraft, the title screen is so laggy that it's impossible to use. I don't know exactly what my FPS was, but...
  6. E

    Question / Help AMD Switchable Graphics Issues [FIXED]

    Hello people I would like to ask about something interesting that happened to me a week ago I started using the OBS with the external video card AMD [Dell 5547], but that out of nowhere the application came to only work with the internal board of Intel, the which forced me to capture the screen...