Unable to start streaming using OBS, error said "Output ID 'rtmp_output' not found"


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Unable to start streaming using OBS.

When I try to start streaming, I get the following error message: [Failed to start output. Please check the log for details].

The version I am using is "25.0.0-rc1-3-ge99849e1(64 bit)".
The reason I am using a past version is because the Mac OS I am using is version 10.12, which has a pkg file and is supposed to be compatible with older OS.

21:40:28.867: ------------------------------------------------
21:40:38.894: Output ID 'rtmp_output' not found
21:40:38.895: Failed to create output 'adv_stream'!
21:40:38.896: Output 'adv_stream': Tried to set a delay value on a non-encoded output
21:40:38.896: Stream output type 'rtmp_output' failed to start!

"Output ID 'rtmp_output' not found" I think this part is the cause of the error, but I don't understand the meaning of this sentence.
At least I should be able to enter RTMP URLs without problems.

I am a beginner and have not studied enough, so I may have overlooked something rudimentary. I would appreciate your advice.