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  1. J

    Desktop Audio Not Working Anymore

    I've been using the latest version of OBS which is obs-studio-29.1.3-macos-arm64 for my MBP M1 unit for quite some time already and everything was working fine. I think it was yesterday when I updated my MBP to Mac OS Ventura Version 13.5 (22G74) that my Desktop Audio source isn't working...
  2. S

    (OBS 29.0.2/Ventura 13.2) Multiple Display/Window Capture Issue

    Hi there! So I've run into an interesting issue: if I try to add more than one Display Capture/Window Capture/Application Capture source to a streaming profile (not scene, profile), my FPS begins iteratively dipping until it hits around 12-18 fps. Attached is a log file to see if we can figure...
  3. T

    Getting around mono limitations on Mac OS

    I've come to offer some practical advice. If I understand it right there's no way you could add analog audio except mono analog audio. The reason why I add analog audio is because I mix my surround sound through a Turtle Beach surround sound decoder to get headphones around so that when you...
  4. B

    26.1.2 CRASH on MacOS 10.15.6 and Zoom 5.4.9

    Hi all, long time listener first time caller. I'm attempting to get 26.1.2 (MacOS Hot-fix) to work with Zoom 5.4.9, but for some reason Zoom doesn't allow the camera to turn on, even though it recognizes the OBS Camera as an option. In addition to this, OBS wont launch at all unless the...
  5. Y

    Unable to start streaming using OBS, error said "Output ID 'rtmp_output' not found"

    Unable to start streaming using OBS. When I try to start streaming, I get the following error message: [Failed to start output. Please check the log for details]. The version I am using is "25.0.0-rc1-3-ge99849e1(64 bit)". The reason I am using a past version is because the Mac OS I am using...
  6. touch_portal

    Semi-free Touch Portal 3.1 build 12

    Touch Portal is a companion app to control a PC or a Mac by using a deck of buttons to improve the workflow & productivity of game streamers, content creators and professionals Use cases: - Game streamers: Stream your games while having total control of your broadcast overlays with a deck of...