Getting around mono limitations on Mac OS

I've come to offer some practical advice. If I understand it right there's no way you could add analog audio except mono analog audio.

The reason why I add analog audio is because I mix my surround sound through a Turtle Beach surround sound decoder to get headphones around so that when you listen to the game on Twitch and headphones it would appear surround to local audiences who just put on headphones.

How are the problem with the Turtle Beach is that it uses analog audio and the only analog audio that is acceptable in macos is a single Channel.

So this is what I do:

I take the post converted two track headphone audio in a TRS 3.5 mm format, buy a TRS 3.5 to Twin RCA connector, and put each of those twin RC connectors through a chain which has a single RCA to single TS 3.5 connector then plug that into the mic of a sound blaster sound card, then in the OBS settings move the balance to all left for the left channel and all right for the right channel and that's how you get surround stereo that the Mac OS will accept.

I found this bug that Apple beyond a certain operating system doesn't want to accept analog sound except mono analog sound. I thought this would be a good way around it and I tested it on Twitch and people said it does sound surround.