How to MultiStream with your own server (open source Restream alternative)

How to MultiStream with your own server (open source Restream alternative)

In this concise guide we'll show how you can stream to multiple platforms at the same time using a Linux VPS.


Step 1: SSH to your VPS​

Open your CMD, edit the following prompt with your server's IP address, then paste it in.
ssh  ssh://root@<server IP address>
Type in the root password and press enter (It will be hidden).

Step 2: Update your VPS​

Copy this into your SSH session.
sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y && sudo apt install -y docker-compose
You can paste prompts into your SSH session by right clicking.

Step 3: Install the Prism​

Copy this into your SSH session (by right clicking).
docker build -t prism
You could view the source code or even make it yourself here:
It uses docker, nginx and stunnel to allow multistreaming to RTMP and RTMPS destinations.

Step 4: Run Prism​

Copy this somewhere, and patiently edit it with your streamkeys (and server address in case of Twitch), then enter it into the SSH window.
docker run -it -p 1935:1935 --name prism -e TWITCH_URL="<twitch server>" -e TWITCH_KEY="<twitch key>" -e FACEBOOK_KEY="<facebook key>" -e YOUTUBE_KEY="<youtube key>" -e TROVO_KEY="<trovo key>" -e KICK_KEY="<kick key>" prism
If you don't intend to stream somewhere, remove the relevant part and the "-e" before it.

Here's an example of a completed prompt, for streaming to Twitch, Youtube and Kick at the same time:
docker run -it -p 1935:1935 --name prism -e TWITCH_URL="rtmp://" -e TWITCH_KEY="live_000000000000000000" -e YOUTUBE_KEY="0000-0000-0000-0000" -e KICK_KEY="sk_us-west-2_00000000000000" prism

Step 5: Stream!​

Stream to your own server with OBS
rtmp://<server IP address>/live/
Don't forget to change it with your server's IP.

As for stream key, you can put anything!

Remember to STOP PRISM after you're done streaming:​

docker stop prism
This is to make sure you're safe and secure.

You can start Prism again by running:​

docker start prism

I messed up my configuration on step 4!​

Just run:
docker rm prism
and do step 4 again.

I hate this! How do I remove Prism?​

Step 1: run this prompt:
docker rm prism

Step 2: run this and copy the Image ID:
docker images

Step 3: Edit it with Prism's Image ID then run:
docker rmi <Image ID>

Don't spend too much on the VPS, this setup won't require anything really; a 2~4$ /month Ubuntu Linux VPS will suffice,
If you're not a beginner streamer, we advise setting this up with 2 secondary platforms first to see if everything on your side is working as intended.

We first set this up for our own streamers, and it works better than we expected, so we decided to share it here as well.
Feel free to let us know if there's an issue, or if you'd like to request support for another destination, on our Discord server.

For aggregating chat from multiple platforms, please use an Open Source and Free tool like AxelChat.
We're also working on a solution to changing stream titles on multiple platforms at once.

Happy streaming!​

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