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    external server

    i know a lot of people use facebook youtube or twitch but what im looking for is somewhere i can get an external server where i can get an embedded code where i can then link that code to a website that will then stream the video feed twitch worked for about 2 weeks then says that the embedded...
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    OBS-RTSPServer 1.0

    简体中文 OBS-RTSPServer This is a plugin for obs-studio, encoding the output and publish rtsp stream. Supported Platforms : Windows 7 , Windows 8 , Windows 10 and Linux Supported OBS Studio version : 24.0.0+ Install You can use installer to install and the installer can be found in Release Page...
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    Question / Help OBS disconnects randomly, then reconnects 15s later. Is this on my end? (Logs provided)

    Hello! I stream on Mixer and sometimes my stream will randomly go offline and come right back on about 15s later with no discernible triggers. (OBS shows a disconnected/reconnecting notification in Windows) When this happens, I lose any hosts I might have, it splits my VODs in half and makes a...
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    Question / Help OBS Facebook Live Default Server

    Hello Friends! Is there a way to change the server for Facebook Live? The only option, under stream settings, is Default. Facebook Live gives us the option to Search Servers if we are experiencing issues with the connection. When I ran the search function, under Facebook Creator Studio's Live...
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    Bug Report Failed to connect to the server

    Hey, from a couple of days when I try to 'Start Streaming', OBS says "Failed to connect to the server". - both with YouTube and Twitch - stream keys and server links are correct - I have tried every option in 'Bind to IP' - Firewall gives full access to OBS - with any Vodafone sim (streaming...
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    Question / Help Failed to connect to server (my own RTMP server)

    EDIT: I have resolved this. Had to reset my router and re-setup the port forwarding. I am trying to stream to an RTMP server from OBS. I am running the server myself with nginx on windows. When I enter my loopback IP address as the server (eg rtmp://, it works fine. Same with...
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    Question / Help OBS Shows Wrong Servers

    I am trying to choose a server for streaming to my twitch, but it only shows Asia, Europe, and Austrailia servers. I'm in the US.
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    Question / Help high cpu usage [Fixed]

    I have switched from an old dual core i5 m 560 (2.65 GHz base speed) and gt 420M laptop using windows 7 to a server sporting a Intel Xeon E3-1220v5 (3.00 GHz base speed 3.50 GHz turbo) and a GT 710 gpu running Ubuntu 18.04 and the cpu speed goes up from 15% to 70% running the same setup...
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    Bug Report Failed to Connect: Stream Key/Server Error

    Hello! I have been streaming on Twitch using OBS for the past few months. Everything has been great! Suddenly, today I go to start my stream and this error message pops up "Failed to connect. Could not access the specified channel or stream key, please double-check your stream key. If it is...
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    Question / Help Streaming Problem

    4.3 Upload but what can be the problem I see in twitch servers?
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    Question / Help Can't start stream! Could not access specified channel or stream key error

    I already tried to reset my stream key, changed the server and it didn't work. Does anyone of you have an idea to fix it?
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    Question / Help Windows gaming PC won't connect to Linux streaming PC with NGINX

    -Stream pc is connected to internet only through lan connection to gaming pc. I tested that and the internet works -Stream pc has nginx server up and running (the welcome to nginx page can be reached from either pc) -Both computers have obs installed Stream PC is running Ubuntu 16.04 Gaming PC...
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    Question / Help help! Failed to connect server

    So I use to stream on my obs before the latest update 21.1.2 before updating I also increased the internet speed and changed router. When I wanted to stream again for a friend I decided to update the obs and when i click start streaming i got the error Failed to connect to server. Tried to make...