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OBS-RTSPServer 3.1.0

Supported Bit Versions
  1. 32-bit
  2. 64-bit
Source Code URL
Minimum OBS Studio Version
Supported Platforms
  1. Windows
  2. Mac OS X
  3. Linux
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This is a plugin for obs-studio, encode and publish to a RTSP stream.

Supported Platforms : Windows 10, Windows 11, Linux and macOS

Supported OBS Studio version : 30.0.0+

Packaging status

The installer can be found in Release Page.

If you want to use compressed file to install manually, you can unzip it (e.g.: and put it to your obs-studio install folder.

winget Package
If the operating system version is Windows 10 1709 or later and app-installer has been installed, just run this to install it:

winget install iamscottxu.obs-rtspserver

You can use the .pkg installer to install and the installer can be found in Release Page if use macOS.

Linux (Only x64)
Ubuntu/Debian DEB Package
Download the deb package from the Release Page and install it.

wget -O obs-rtspserver-linux.deb{version}/obs-rtspserver-{version}-linux.deb
apt install -y obs-rtspserver-linux.deb
  • Replace {version} with last release version, e.g.: v2.2.0
Red-Hat RPM Package
Download the rpm package from the Release Page and install it.

wget -O obs-rtspserver-linux.rpm{version}/obs-rtspserver-{version}-linux.rpm
rpm -ivh obs-rtspserver-linux.rpm
  • Replace {version} with last release version, e.g.: v2.2.0
ArchLinux AUR Package
obs-rtspserver is also available as an AUR Package If you use yay just run this to install it:

yay -S obs-rtspserver

Download the tar.gz archive from the Release Page and unpack to "/".

wget -O obs-rtspserver-linux.tar.gz{version}/obs-rtspserver-{version}-linux.tar.gz
#For all user
tar -xzvf obs-rtspserver-linux.tar.gz -C /
#For local user
mkdir -p ~/.config/obs-studio/plugins/obs-rtspserver/bin/64bit/
mkdir -p ~/.config/obs-studio/plugins/obs-rtspserver/data/
mkdir -p ~/obs-rtspserver-linux
tar -xzvf obs-rtspserver-linux.tar.gz -C ~/obs-rtspserver-linux/
mv ~/obs-rtspserver-linux/usr/lib/obs-plugins/ ~/.config/obs-studio/plugins/obs-rtspserver/bin/64bit/
mv ~/obs-rtspserver-linux/usr/share/obs/obs-plugins/obs-rtspserver/locale ~/.config/obs-studio/plugins/obs-rtspserver/data/locale
rm -rf ~/obs-rtspserver-linux
  • Replace {version} with last release version, e.g.: v2.2.0
  • Install cmake, visual studio(only windows) and qt.
  • Download and configure the source code of obs-studio.
  • Copy source code to (obs-studio source code)/plugins/obs-rtspserver/
  • Add add_subdirectory(obs-rtspserver) to (obs-studio source code)/plugins/CMakeLists.txt
  • Build obs-rtspserver.
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Latest reviews

It is good, but for some reason when I set authenication, I try play vlc and it does not ask for authenication and loads the video, Not sure if i'm doing something wrong. Despite that. Still very good and useful.
Works great! Thank you for it!
Ótimo plugin, muito fácil de usar e permite enviar o sinal para outros lugares, inclusive via internet, com baixa latência!!
An excellent OBS Studio plugin that allows you to publish a low latency rtsp stream.