1. D

    How to Setup Multi Instance OBS for Streaming Multiple RTSP

    This guide is for those that have multiple cameras that all need their own individual stream. The following information below will include: how to setup multiple OBS instances, how to setup multiple instances to restart with windows, how to reset/prevent a frozen RTSP feed automatically using...
  2. N

    RTSP camera into OBS - stream URL advice

    Hope this might help someone who is experiencing the same problem I had. Long story short, the character between the Username and Password in your rtsp URL needs to be a COLON and not a FULL-STOP. Thus: "rtsp://(U):(P)@192.XXX.X.XX:8554/profile0" Now read on for the back story if you want! ;-)...
  3. S

    RTSP Feed Slows over time

    Hello, I have a situation where we have a 6x6 camera grid with 36 RTSP feeds coming into OBS. We want to broadcast one RTSP feed out to a TV using a raspberry pi hooked up to it. We got everything working but have noticed that over time (maybe 2-3 hours) some of the feeds (not all of them) will...
  4. D

    OBS Settings and RTSP

    This is a bit of a dual thing - I need some advice on the best quality settings for OBS. I have been using the Nvidia HVEC encoder simply because of name-recognition. However, since my streaming PC is quite powerful (i5 12600K CPU with GTX 1660ti GPU), i would like to run the optimum (ie best)...
  5. UpDownLeftDie

    OBS crashing all the time from RTSP sources?

    I have a 24/7 stream with 4 IP cameras as media sources that use RTSP to stream to OBS. Sometimes their connection drops out, and I think this causes OBS to crash somehow. Sometimes it doesn't happen for days, sometimes it just keeps happening after I restart OBS. Around half the time, I don't...
  6. Ortorea

    OBS freezing on USB Camera's and no rtsp://receivability

    Dear Support, I have been struggling for almost a week now trying to send video capture data over the LAN via- rtsp://:8554/ on my local network from an XP machine to Ubuntu Zorin Menu Lite 11.0 I also tried to connect to a USB webcam but OBS freezes and becomes unresponsive, I have...
  7. K

    Panasonic AW-UE4 ???

    Hallo zusammen, ich verwende die Panasonic AW-UE 4 PTZ Kamera für Livestreams in unserem Kegelclub. Allerdings laufen die Streams bisher nicht über OBS. Nur über die integrierte Panasonic Software. Ich habe im Internet nach allen möglichen rtsp, rtmp und rtmps Signalen gesucht, um diese in OBS...
  8. C

    Media source not working with an RSTP IP Cam

    I have an RSTP IP camera working just fine, namely with VLC: rtsp:// But I couldn’t get it work in OBS using a “Media Source” source. Yes, as a workaround I know I can use a “VLC Video Source” instead. But I still would like to...
  9. P

    Recommended Camera for RTSP Streaming

    Hey, we are a paranormal investigation company and in desperate need of a night vision camera that either connects via WiFi or mobile hotspot or mobile WiFi device. We bought a NVR 4 Camera system from Amazon but it’s just rubbish and RTSP URL doesn’t work. And it’s going back to Amazon. We need...
  10. xisohi


    操作系统和版本:Windows版本:10.0 Build 18363(版本:1909;版本:1379; 64位) OBS Studio版本:OBS 26.1.1(64位,Windows) VLC媒体播放器版本:3.0.12 使用VLC媒体播放器导入RTST流(rtmp:// admin:850610lzx@ /单播/ c16 / s0 /现场/)播放 开始一切正常,在9:54:32之后出现问题,9:54:36又恢复正常。此问题不定时出现!!
  11. A

    streaming IP camera

    I managed to stream my IP camera with OBS. (by using 'rtsp://admin:password@IP:554/stream1' in MEDIA SOURCES). Now I'm looking for a way for someone to stream my IP camera from their place. Would that be even possible?
  12. J


    I am experiencing this ghosting / pixelation as seen in the image below. This happens in OBS, using an RTSP stream on a dedicated gigabit network. When I check VLC using the same RTSP URL and the camera "preview" on the camera's own webpage, we do not see the same issue. The camera bitrate...
  13. M

    RTSP PTZ Preset Options

    I would like to use two different presets with my camera without having to log into the camera each time. I’ve heard it possible but haven’t found much this far to support what I’ve heard. I was curious if anyone in the forum had any experience with this or some ideas on how to handle my...
  14. E

    Distortion when using RTSP within OBS

    Hi all, I have recently installed 4 IP PTZ cameras to livestream some events we have at my work, and I am getting some strange distortion of footage which I'm trying to nail down as to what the cause is, so I was wondering if anyone has had similar issues whilst doing a multi-camera production...
  15. S

    OBS-RTSPServer 3.1.0

    简体中文 日本語 한국어 Español Français Italiano Deutsch Nederlands OBS-RTSPServer This is a plugin for obs-studio, encode and publish to a RTSP stream. Supported Platforms : Windows 10, Windows 11, Linux and macOS Supported OBS Studio version : 30.0.0+ Install Windows The installer can be...
  16. B

    Question / Help Streaming from VLC application into OBS?

    I would like to build a shell recipe in which the output of the video window is sent into OBS directly. It is an edge case and I am aware of the OBS "VLC playback" function but it doesn't fully suit my needs in terms of playlist editing and subtitle display. The configuration is also tricky for...
  17. P

    Question / Help rtsp-webcam connection gets lost every day

    Hello everybody, I use the OBS Studio to stream a live video of our webcam on Youtbube. So far, this works very well. I get the picture via the RTSP address of our WebCam over the network (everything connected via cabling and switch). This also works perfectly. Only the OBS Studio loses the...
  18. E

    Bug Report RTSP freezing on VLC Source

    I've got a Hikvision camera that I connect to via RTSP and import via a VLC source. I've noticed that the feed freezes randomly (sometimes after a few seconds, sometimes - after a few minutes). Normally, when I use "Media Source" (which is relatively stable, but has it's own issues - like...
  19. P

    Question / Help rtsp connections

    Dear Sirs, Which system do you recommend for making a remote connection with the program? I would like to make video connections with external sources via mobile phone. best regards Walter
  20. D

    Question / Help Hikvision DS-2DE4425IW-DE RTSP problems

    Dear, We would like to livestream the building of worlds biggest bonfire next week 24/7 to youtube. For this we would like to use the Hikvision DS-2DE4425IW-DE with OBS Studio. Unfortunately, i can open this stream url rtsp://admin:xx@xx.xx.xx.xx:554/Streaming/Channels/101 everywhere, except in...