Bug Report RTSP freezing on VLC Source


I've got a Hikvision camera that I connect to via RTSP and import via a VLC source.

I've noticed that the feed freezes randomly (sometimes after a few seconds, sometimes - after a few minutes).
Normally, when I use "Media Source" (which is relatively stable, but has it's own issues - like "artifacts" after 10-15 minutes), I run a separate script which queries "netstat" to check if rtsp is still connected and then hides/shows the source to perform a reconnection. However, when I use the VLC Media source, "netstat" shows that the connection is still alive.

Any idea how to fix this?

Both are latest:
OBS 23.1.0
VLC 3.0.6

Right now I'm using the "Media Source". You can see the live stream (and the artifacts) here:
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