1. S

    VLC media source web interface

    I'm assuming obs doesn't exactly use full fat vlc, but vlc has a web interface you can enable which is useful to me as you can pause and play videos by http request. Is there anyway to get this web interface on the vlc in obs? I want this so that I can attempt to recreate catchphrase using...
  2. R

    Crossfade when Shuffle

    Hello! Does anyone know if there is a way to transition dissolve the shuffled videos playing when adding multiple videos to a vlc video source? Thx in advance!
  3. Ya-Grisha

    Spontaneous stop VLC Video

    Another problem that I often encounter is the spontaneous stop of VLC video that plays local video files from the M3U8 playlist. Despite the fact that the length of the playlist is designed for 7 days, and the "repeat" checkbox is checked in the settings, there are stops periodically (about once...
  4. A

    VLC Video Playlist not coming through on OBS - sound yes, video no

    I'm using VLC to make playlists that I can put into OBS. The audio playlist is working great, but the video playlist is missing its videos. I can hear the videos, but they aren't showing up on the screen. If I click on "filters" in the audio mixer, it pops up a window where the video is...
  5. F

    VLC media source broken ?

    Hi, since last monday i can't get any image in obs from a vlc source. I have tried on 2 different computers and tried downgrading versions on both obs and vlc. Nothing worked. I updated my nvidia pilots to the latest version and nothing either. Any idea ?
  6. T

    VLC Media Source Sound Not Ending After Scene Change

    Hey all So I have a VLC Video Source in my "Starting Soon" scene that plays clips of highlights from my stream. The problem is that when I change to any scene that doesn't have that source, the sound continues to play for another 3-4 seconds. I originally had a few errors in my log about some...
  7. servie

    OBS 23.13 no carga Pluggin VLC

    Hola, bajé lo último de VLC para poder cargar desde OBS una lista de reproducción, pero resulta que OBS no lo reconoce, no lo ve, lo ignora por completo. A que se debe?. Al ingresar a las carpetas de archivo donde se instaló OBS si está el plug, pero el programa no lo levanta. La info la saqué...
  8. T

    Automatic scene switching based on VLC now playing

    Hi everyone, - i'm new to the forum so please bear with me in case i'm posting this thread in the wrong section - do you know if there's a way to automatically switch OBS scenes based on what's currently playing VLC? Basically, I would like to make a VLC playlist that includes some video...
  9. S

    VLC Source - Question about scenes

    Hi, I'm playing files using VLC source in the latest OBS on Windows. It's working FANTASTIC I'm very happy with the plugin. I'm curious if it can be used in the following way I'm trying to create an automated playout situation using VLC source. I'd like to have a VLC source playlist with...
  10. A

    "shuffle playlist" & "loop playlist" behavior in vlc

    Currently vlc does not reshuffle playlist when next loop starts. Can this facility be developed. For example lets say we have 3 tracks 1, 2, 3. When "shuffle playlist" & "loop playlist" is enabled, currently playlist is shuffled only once and same sequence is played in each loop, something...
  11. N

    LibVLC.... Grey pixelation with network stream

    I've been experiencing a ton of issues with grey pixelation (likely a decoding error) for my VLC source network URLs... This appears to be a common issue with VLC and can be corrected by adjusting settings like "disable hardware acceleration" within the VLC player. However, I'm having trouble...
  12. G

    VLC audio looping even though "loop" is unchecked?

    Hey there, title is self explanatory - I have a VLC playlist of 2-3 songs I play when I start broadcasting. "Loop" is unchecked, but the audio is still looping. Help?
  13. P

    VLC Video Source Bug

    Hello, I would like to report something that looks like a bug to me. I am using OBS Studio 27.0.1 and VLC video source on a directory of .mkv files. OBS does crash when opening the 9th video, all the time. It only happens with VLC 3.0.14 installed on the system. I reverted to VLC and I...
  14. A

    VLC Video source, no properties available!

    Hi, I'm using the official obs studio pma or something like this. At the start it didn't even have vlc Video source after I installed the libvlc the vlc Video source was there but when I want to add properties there's nothing! Only a text view with "No properties available". I really need help
  15. S

    OBS 26.1.1 and OBS Virtual Camera with VLC/Teamviewer... did not work

    Hi, I installed OBS 26.1.1 x64 and want to make a Meeting with Teamviewer and I use the virtualcam in OBS. I made the video-settings 1920x1080, Bicubic, 60fps. In Teamviewer I only get a screen capture when I start the camera but not a video stream. So I tried VLC media player. I open a capture...
  16. W

    Audio in VLC only using stereo mode left or right

    Hello, maybe someone can help me...? I produced a MP4 video using OBS. Playing the video in VLC I'm getting only sound using "stereo mode left" or "stereo mode right". Using "stereo mode stereo" or "stereo mode mono" I'm getting no sound. How can I alter this in OBS?
  17. xisohi


    操作系统和版本:Windows版本:10.0 Build 18363(版本:1909;版本:1379; 64位) OBS Studio版本:OBS 26.1.1(64位,Windows) VLC媒体播放器版本:3.0.12 使用VLC媒体播放器导入RTST流(rtmp:// admin:850610lzx@ /单播/ c16 / s0 /现场/)播放 开始一切正常,在9:54:32之后出现问题,9:54:36又恢复正常。此问题不定时出现!!
  18. SnappyTeam

    Free Snap - Grab Current Song From Media Players

    Ever noticed how sadly Snip by dlrudie doesn't support Winamp, FooBar2000, or even VLC Media Player? What if you wanted to use these media players instead? Well this is where Snap comes into play. Inspired by Snip (but doesn't use any source-code from them!) we created a program to do just...
  19. P

    VLC Plug In Settings

    Hi All! I'm currently restreaming a live video feed from a ".m3u8" stream using the VLC plug-in. However, I do not see an option to change the quality of the video and it isn't as the high-quality video I expected. I opened the ".m3u8" stream with VLC and it looks high quality. Is there any...
  20. W

    VLC Media playback - beginning and end of songs chopped off

    I have the latest VLC and OBS installed and I'm trying to play some music from a playlist. Unfortunately the transition between songs is being chopped off. Any ideas what's causing this? Are there some settings I need to configure in VLC itself prior to using OBS? It's like it's trying to...