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Hello! First time posting, be gentle. I record music recitals at a university and use OBS to combine the video and audio along with titles and lower thirds in one go so we don't need post-production before archiving the recordings.

Just recently, I've been having an issue with recordings from OBS not playing properly in any Windows application (Media Player, Photos, Movies/TV, VLC, etc). It opens and plays with video and audio from the beginning, but I cannot scrub through the video (the transport controls are greyed out), and any attempt to use the transport controls just restarts the video from the beginning.

I'm also unable to make simple edits through photos or movies/tv. See photo for the editing view. Instead of the "normal" timestamps, I get frames or milliseconds or whatever it's showing, hitting play starts from the very beginning, even when the beginning has been trimmed out, making it impossible to edit. Attempting to save the edited video doesn't work, regardless.

Other videos downloaded online or imported from cameras, SD cards, etc play and edit just fine. Any thoughts? It's more efficient to be able to quickly trim out unneeded sections of video than importing it into software.


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