1. A

    Question / Help VLC Source

    Hello , I have started using VLC Source , and I usually use Snip to display the music from VLC . Now that I have started the VLC Source , Snip do not detect name of the music playing . Any solution for that ? Thanks in advance !
  2. liayn

    Bug Report Starting OBS 23.0.2 stops VLC

    Hello! Today I coincidentally had VLC playing a radio stream when I started OBS to prepare a live stream. For some reason VLC was stopped. I closed OBS again, restartet the audio stream in VLC and opened OBS again. Same thing. For some reason OBS influences VLC even though there is nothing in...
  3. T

    Question / Help DV (Firewire) Camera Working in VLC but not OBS (Classic)

    So I have a Canon XH-A1 to which I want to use to live stream. I have a PC with a firewire 1394 card. I plug in the camera and I can get it working with directshow (dshow://) just fine in VLC, but when I try and use it in OBS Classic I get a red screen. I understand firewire cameras only work in...
  4. J

    Question / Help When I capture vlc, it comes out black in OBS

    Hi When I capture vlc, it comes out black in OBS. If vlc is in playlist mode (01), it's ok but if it's in video mode (02), the part of images is black. I have done differents manipulations. I have reinstalled OBS and VLC, I have tested differents versions of OBS and vlc,..., same problem. I have...
  5. N

    Question / Help OBS Outputs in VLC file format. Want mp4 for video editing with Vegas

    Hello I've used OBS before however just installed it on a new computer. I've found some settings that work well for me and produce high quality video but unfortunately the files won't play in any software besides VLC media player. This is an issue as I can't edit my footage in Sony Vegas Pro 14...
  6. D

    Complete playlist control, like Wirecast and vMix, please !

    OBS is an extraordinary piece of software for almost everything related to streaming. But one of the main problems is it´s weakness on the PLAYLIST section. I try to use OBS as my personal webTV broadcaster to youtube and facebook, but it lacks some of the basic features, like when playing...
  7. U

    4:4:4, 10 bit, VP9

    Hello, as the title suggests I'd like to record in 4:4:4 10bit, but haven't found an option for that? Is it somehow possible to do that? (im new to OBS and lack the knowledge for custom outputs) If not, will it be implemented in the future? And the same questions go for VP9 support. Oh and if...
  8. T

    Bug Report No VLC source Workaround: Downgrade to VLC 2.2

    I am trying to add a VLC video playlist to my stream. I have current OBS and VLC 3.0 installed. When I check my log file I see this almost immediately. 19:09:06.911: os_dlopen(/Applications/VLC.app/Contents/MacOS/lib/libvlc.5.dylib->/Applications/VLC.app/Contents/MacOS/lib/libvlc.5.dylib)...
  9. Koffeth

    Free MusicBuddy [Supports Spotify, YouTube and more!]

    MusicBuddy V. Info Simple tool for getting the current song that you're playing and creating a text file with the song name. Supports Foobar2000 iTunes Spotify VLC Winamp YouTube | Chrome only SoundCloud | Chrome only How to use Download it. Extract it anywhere. Start MusicBuddy...
  10. Koffeth

    Free MusicBuddy [Supports Spotify, YouTube and more!]

    Koffeth submitted a new resource: MusicBuddy - Fetches the current song from different media players Read more about this resource...
  11. Tipher88

    Non-OBS Script VLC NowPlaying 1.7.0

    Latest version : 1.7.0 This is a Python script I put together in order to display information from VLC on my stream. The setup that I know this script will work on is Windows 7/10 with Python v2.7/v3.4-7 and VLC v2.2.4-v3.0.4, but it should be cross platform although I cannot guarantee that...