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Image source in OBS that is being served via NDI to another OBS instance on the same machine shows up larger on the receiving instance.

I've created a rudimentary channel in a box situation using OBS, NDI, and VLC.

OBS 1 - Combines a SHOUTcast audio stream with a 1280x720 image as a scene. This is then served up via NDI.
NDI Virtual Input - This is routed to feed from OBS 1
VLC - Uses the NDI Virtual Input as a 'capture device' which is switched in an automated playlist. Every 5 minutes the output of OBS 1 is replaced with a video clip for 30 - 90 seconds, depending on the duration of the video clip being played. The playlist then returns to the NDI Virtual Input from OBS 1.
OBS 2 - Uses the VLC playlist file to stream everything to Youtube Live.

VLC is just used to create the playlist, it isn't in the signal path, but there may be something it's introducing in the way it's handling the NDI input, or the NDI input could be scaling up the OBS 1 output.

I'm going to do some more testing on my side, but I'm fairly certain that all of the video files scale correctly when I play the playlist from VLC.

Can anyone think of any reason why only the NDI source would be large while all of the 720p clips are the correct size when played back?

Under settings>video for OBS 1 I have it set to 1280x720 for canvas and scaled output; same for OBS 2. I was under the impression that this is where I would set the NDI output size for OBS1, but I might be mistaken.