1. A

    I need help with Base (Canvas) Res and Output (Scaled) Res

    I have a 1366x768 monitor, I usually stream with both 1920x1080 but i not watch my own stream to get any idea what is different if I set it beyond my monitor res. Now I want to set Base Res back to 1366x768 but Output Res is 1664x963 or 1080p can it upsacle stream quality or not? I can't find...
  2. L

    'Scaling / Aspect Ratio' Effect Filter: Can one add Custom Resolutions somehow?

    I'm using a 4K canvas to capture different elements for a local recording. One of those elements, gameplay capture, I'd like to lock at 2560x1440, so whetever comes in I can set it and forget it. Unfortunately it seems the Scaling / Aspect Ratio filter tops out at 1080p! Does anyone know if the...
  3. M

    Downscaling VS Fit to Screen

    Hey all, Hoping somebody can help me wrap my head around my options when it comes to scaling. I've been gaming and streaming (to Twitch) in 1080p for a couple of years. I just set up a new 1440p monitor. Naturally my stream is going to stay in 1080p as I'm on Twitch. As far as I can tell I...
  4. assisrMatheus

    Is it possible to upscale a source using AMD Fidelity FX (FSR)?

    I know that there are multiple scaling filters like Bicubic, Area, Lanczos. But is it possible to use FSR to scale up content? Like 1440 to 4k, 720 to 1080, and such?
  5. FiniteSingularity

    Not getting full 4k signal from Elgato Camlink Pro source.

    I am having some issues with using a 4k source on a 1080p OBS "canvas". My setup is as follows- For streaming OBS is set up for 1080p. I have a Camlink 4k Pro PCIe card, with 2 1080p inputs (face cam and secondary cam), and a 4k input (MacbookPro outputting 3840x2160p). I have confirmed that...
  6. P

    Is it ACTUALLY better to use my desktop resolution as a base canvas size?

    I mean this as more of like a technical question... not just like a... once upon a time in a YouTube video some guy said said always use my desktop resolution so that's the end solution. I have a 3440x1440 ultrawide monitor, but I basically never stream at the 3440x1440 native resolution. I...
  7. B

    Possible to improve quality when scaling to 1080P from Ultrawide screen capture?

    Good afternoon all! I am writing to see if anyone has a solution to capture higher quality screen recordings when scaling down from an ultrawide monitor to fit a 1080p canvas. I'm on Win 10 x64, with nVidia GeForce 1050TI. I currently have an ultrawide screen 21:9 (2560 x 1080) which I scale...
  8. RockNRollGeek

    [Bug Report]

    It seems that OBS 26.1.1 has a bug involving text/app scaling and the VST 2.x plugin. In Windows 10, when running OBS on a high res monitor with text/app scaling turned on, everything in OBS seems to scale properly, but when a VST 2.x plugin filter is applied to an audio source and you open...
  9. faykus

    Проблема с маштабированием

    У меня 2к монитор. Я хочу потоковую передачу в 1080. Но при попытке начать потоковую передачу в таком разрешении качество картинки сильно ухудшается. Я перепробовал все способы масштабирования, все мыло. Есть выход? Или только стрим в 2к в 30 к / с ПК: I7 870 NVIDIA GeForce 1660 Super 16 Гб...
  10. faykus

    Scaling problem

    I have a 2k monitor. I want to stream in 1080. But when trying to start streaming in such a resolution, the quality of the picture deteriorates greatly. I tried all the ways to scale, everything is soap. Any way out? Or only stream in 2k in 30 fps PC: I7 870 nvidia geforce 1660 super 16 gb mem...
  11. I

    Question / Help OBS Studio - UI DPI Scaling Issue in 4K Resolution

    Hello, Just as the title says, I'm running OBS Studio (the latest version) on Windows 10 Pro 64bit, on a 4K native resolution monitor and I'm having some issues. I'll attach a picture to illustrate a bit better. As you can see, I can get the writing to scale up (currently the screen scaling...
  12. O

    Question / Help Modern problems require modern solutions

    Image source in OBS that is being served via NDI to another OBS instance on the same machine shows up larger on the receiving instance. I've created a rudimentary channel in a box situation using OBS, NDI, and VLC. OBS 1 - Combines a SHOUTcast audio stream with a 1280x720 image as a scene...
  13. H

    Question / Help Scaling (Please Help)

    Before recording a Minecraft clip I decided to mess with the recording resolution, after changing back my resolution to its previous size I forgot to scale Minecraft to fit the box. Now I am left with a clip that is focused on the top left portion of Minecraft. Is there any possible way to scale...
  14. J

    Question / Help OBS records my MAME games and Video Games in Very Small Windows not Fullscreen

    I've tried game capture and scaling, using display capture, but they don't capture MAME emulator or video games I put in full screen as full screen. I either get a black screen and audio or a very small window and audio not full screen recordings even though I'm playing full screen. Any...
  15. Akvas

    Question / Help Which is better for a low end system?

    Most of my footage is from CS:GO and sometimes i see the warning that the encoding is overloaded so I came up with a question. Is recording at a higher resolution less demanding than scaling to a lower resolution while recording? At the moment I set the Canvas to 1920x1080 but the Output...
  16. B

    Font Scaling in the OBS UI

    Hi there, I've used OBS studio extensively in both Windows and Linux environments. I have a 4k monitor, which I do not scale up, because my monitor is very large. I think the addition of the option to change UI font sizes in the general settings of OBS would be a huge improvement. It would...