Downscaling VS Fit to Screen


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Hey all,

Hoping somebody can help me wrap my head around my options when it comes to scaling.

I've been gaming and streaming (to Twitch) in 1080p for a couple of years. I just set up a new 1440p monitor. Naturally my stream is going to stay in 1080p as I'm on Twitch. As far as I can tell I have 2 options for rescaling the game capture to 1080p

Adjust base canvas resolution to 1440p and downscale to 1080p.

Leave the base canvas resolution as 1080p, capture the game in 1440p using game capture and resize the source to fit to screen

The latter option has the benefit of not requiring me to re-do all of my overlays to fit a 1440p base resolution. Are there any drawbacks to doing it this way rather than downscaling the whole canvas?

Thanks in advance!


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No, it's a perfectly valid way to do. If your overlays are tailored to 1080p, and you want to stream 1080p, and your sources are 1080p or larger, using a canvas of 1080p is the best way. Downscaling a source to fit the canvas is internally the same operation as downscaling the output, and the same quality. You can even choose an individual downscaling algorithm, just as the downscaling algorithm you can set for the output rescaling.