Font Scaling in the OBS UI


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Hi there,

I've used OBS studio extensively in both Windows and Linux environments. I have a 4k monitor, which I do not scale up, because my monitor is very large.

I think the addition of the option to change UI font sizes in the general settings of OBS would be a huge improvement. It would make it a lot easier to navigate, as I won't have to squint to read the buttons and settings.

I appreciate your time, and thank you for the amazing application!

Jason Hunt

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There are those of us with vision issues that could benefit from this option. Squinting to find the right scene/button/source doesn't look good on camera, and it interrupts the flow of the program.

Also would help if the UI layout stays where we put it when we exit...


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Relevant comment:

So OBS is a QT5 app, this means that among other things* flags like QT_SCALE_FACTOR** apply to it.
  • Try exporting QT_SCALE_FACTOR=2 (or 1, 2.1, 3, 5, etc) before running obs, if script or cli this looks like:

...relevant breadcrumbs
*qtchooser linked configs (
**scale_factor discussion (

Jason Hunt

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Relevant comment:

Not to sound like a Neanderthal, but I peaked at the Atari 2600 and the Commodore 64. I don't understand anything that you put in your reply.


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Just try to run obs as showed in the above command and the fonts will scale accordingly to the factor you specify.


This solution works, but not as I would have hoped. The effect is the same as changing screen DPI, only specific to the one app. It enlarges all elements of the app. I agree with the original poster that the font size relative to the app is too small. I too would like JUST the font size to be adjustable. Because it's QT5, the app probably cannot be made to follow font settings in Settings/Appearance/Fonts, so something within the app settings is probably the only solution.